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High Quality Sandblasting Grit Manufacturers China

Backwash 1 - raw water is flowed into the bottom of the mixed bed(aluminum oxide grit), and the dirt attached to the surface of the ion exchange resin is discharged from the drainage pipe at the top of the bed. The reverse washing 2 and Du Ting 2 are the same as the reverse washing 1 and suspending 1 respectively. Acid pickling is the regeneration of cation exchange resin; It can also be checked with pH test paper(low soda alumina). It is qualified if it does not show blue.

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At the same time, anion exchange resin and cation exchange resin are stratified due to different specific gravity(white corundum), anion exchange resin is on the top, cation exchange resin is on the bottom. Pause 1 - stop the inflow of raw water from the bottom and let the exchange resin settle. Pause - after backwashing, the running water from the bottom is suspended to let the activated carbon sink(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). The residue left is qualified if it does not exceed 0.1 mg.

(high quality sandblasting grit manufacturers china)Alkali washing is the regeneration of anion exchange resin(garnet abrasive). Sodium hydroxide (AR grade) solution with concentration of 5% ~ 40% was slowly flowed into the mixed bed, and it took 30 ~ 60 minutes to complete the flow. Flow out the NaOH solution for 120 minutes(pink alumina). The hydrochloric acid (AR grade) solution with a concentration of 5% ~ 36% was slowly flowed into the mixed bed, and the flow was finished in 20 minutes.

This is because H (the exchange base of cation exchange resin is expressed as r-soh) or Oh (the exchange base of anion exchange resin is expressed as R = n * OH -) in the ion exchange resin exchange with impurities in water(white aluminum oxide), and H + from the exchange base combines with Oh to form H2O. At this time, the dirt on the surface of ion exchange resin should be thoroughly cleaned(white aluminum oxide 240 mesh), and the anion and cation exchange resin should be layered.(high quality sandblasting grit manufacturers china)

Different when the water flows through the exchanger equipped with ion exchange resin(garnet abrasive price), the impurity ions in the water will be carried by the ion exchange resin and determined by pH meter, or take 10 ml water sample and add 2 drops of Methyl Red Reagent (pH = 4.2-6.2), and it is qualified if it does not show red(240 grit aluminum oxide); take 10 ml of water sample, add 5 drops of Australian thymol blue (pH = 6.0-7.6), if it does not show blue, it is qualified.

(high quality sandblasting grit manufacturers china)Its operation is simple(white fused alumina), economic and convenient for regeneration, but the purity of water is low, the resistivity of water is about 0.5mn · cm, with slightly alkaline, pH = 8 ~ 10. Mixed bed method(black fused alumina suppliers): cation exchange resin and anion exchange resin are mixed in equal proportion according to the total exchange capacity (one part of cation exchange resin is mixed with two parts of anion exchange resin by weight) and put into an exchange column.

At the same time, take 100 ml water sample, add 10 ml dilute sulfuric acid(180 grit aluminum oxide), add 2 drops of 0.063 mol / L potassium permanganate (kmno2) solution after boiling, boil for 10 minutes, and the solution is still pink. Take 100 ml of water sample, evaporate it on the water grid, and dry it in the oven at 105 ℃ for 1 hour(brown aluminum oxide 24 grit). Take 10 ml water sample, adjust pH to 12 ~ 12.5, add appropriate amount of calcium indicator, and shake well.(high quality sandblasting grit manufacturers china)

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