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The conversion error depends on many factors(silicon carbide companies), such as the number of components, the content of the component in the medium to be tested, and the nature of the component, etc. To determine the conductivity d, one must measure the specific resistance. Usually it is measured by direct current or power frequency (50 Hz) current(glass beads supplier). The humidity measuring instrument based on this principle is called conductivity hygrometer.

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The circuit system composed of two or several electrodes in contact with the object to be measured serves as the sensor of the conductivity hygrometer(black corundum). It should be considered that the resistance of the sensor includes both the volume specific resistance coefficient of the measured medium and the surface specific resistance coefficient(arc fused alumina). This method is most widely used when inspecting and measuring the humidity of various materials.

When the conductivity method is used to measure the total resistance of the sensor(wilson abrasive), it not only depends on the specific resistance of the test object related to the conductivity o, but also depends on the resistance of the electrode system related to the sensor structure(glass beads manufacturers), the insulation resistance of the electrode, the surface of the electrode The condition, the close contact between the electrode and the measured object, etc.

These are not strictly immutable material characteristics, but depend on a series of factors(pink corundum): the shape of the electrode and its treatment The influence of the measured object and the voltage of the electrode. The most widely used are simple measuring circuits of ohmmeter type and megohmmeter type and the bridge circuit introduced in the literature(fused alumina). This is particularly difficult when inspecting molding materials.

As for the resistance of the sensor itself, it is also a complex function of a series of factors(brown aluminium oxide). For this reason, it is necessary to compare and analyze the data obtained by the conductivity measurement method only under the condition that the measurement conditions are strictly constant(garnet abrasive price). The degree of tamping of the materials between the electrodes also has a great influence on the measurement results.

Considering the abrasive performance of the abrasive(green carborundum), it is also difficult to ensure a constant degree of uncovering of the molding material in the hygrometer sensor with a smaller volume. It is also very difficult to check the humidity of the molded product because the electrodes of the sensor must be brought into close and reliable contact with the test piece (including the humidity of molding materials and products)(glass bead abrasive).

Abrasives Grinding Research Institute conductance hygrometer(brown fused alumina price), using a potentiometer-type circuit with a sensor, the measurement is connected to 50 Hz frequency. Because the parameters of the various components of the molding compound vary widely(black oxide aluminum). The conductivity hygrometer is essentially a circuit for measuring resistance, except that it has a wide measurement range of 1 × 10 ~ 1 × 101 ohms.

Use a method that converts humidity to a dielectric ratio based on principles(white alumina), or a method based on the principle that other electrical parameters of measurement objects (such as dielectric loss tangent) are related to humidity, using audio current, radio frequency current, or UHF Current(steel shot abrasive). The circuits of other types of capacitance hygrometers are described in detail in the literature (such as the particle size of the abrasive particles).

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