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High Quality Silicon Carbide Grinding Suppliers China

The main reason is the decrease of liquid level in one or several chambers and the increase of electrolyte concentration(brown fused alumina). If the liquid level in the electrolyzer decreases, the circulation of the electrolytic cell will be interrupted. If the concentration of electrolyte is increased, the higher concentration of electrolyte is due to the stop of water supply(green silicon carbide).  Sometimes the chamber will have short circuit, arc ignition, internal explosion and other faults.

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The longer the service time is, the higher the cell voltage is(brown aluminum oxide). The low liquid level in the chamber is due to the high pressure in the chamber caused by one or two vent plugs in the diaphragm frame, and the electrolyte is pressed into the separator from the chamber. When the pressure difference is large, the chamber will be emptied on one side, and the phenomenon of voltage rise is often accompanied by the decrease of gas purity(aluminum oxide abrasive). If the tensile force is not enough, it should be repaired in time.

(high quality silicon carbide grinding suppliers china)When the voltage increases, if the electrolyte concentration and the pressure regulator work normally, it indicates that the outlet pipe of the chamber is blocked(brown aluminium oxide). At this time, the method of rapidly changing the current intensity can be used to restore the liquid level in the chamber(black silicon carbide). If it can not be changed, the electrolyzer must be stopped to eliminate the fault. If the asbestos gasket is alkali, you can clamp the electrolytic cell again.

If the electrolyte supply is not timely, the circulation will be interrupted and the voltage will rise(brown fused alumina price). The reason is that the water supply of electrolytic pomelo is stopped. The fault is often caused by too much iron deposits in the tank, resulting in short circuit and arc ignition; in addition, the increase of voltage can also cause arc ignition and internal explosion. In the use of electrolyzer, the problem of warm water will occur(aluminum oxide grit). Changing the water supply will reduce the voltage.(high quality silicon carbide grinding suppliers china)

The temperature of the electrolyzer should be controlled according to the regulations(white alumina). If it is found that the temperature of the electrolyte rises unnecessarily, it may be caused by the cooling water or circulating water of the separator. When the cooling water supply of the separator is interrupted or reduced, and the electrolyte circulation stops, the temperature of the electrolyte will be increased(synthetic corundum). The electrolytic cell should be shut down and the damaged parts should be replaced.

(high quality silicon carbide grinding suppliers china)Sometimes, it is found that the temperature of the two separators is inconsistent and the difference is large(black aluminum oxide). This is because the bonding in the cooling pipe of the separator seriously affects the cooling effect and makes the temperature inconsistent. Only by cleaning the cooling pipe of the separator can the cooling efficiency be improved(emery abrasive). If the deionized water is used as the cooling water circulation, this disadvantage can be eliminated.

If the magnetic flux leakage is not serious, epoxy resin can be used to plug after removing the alkali junction. In case of leakage of electrolyte due to cracking of welding joint(pink aluminum oxide), emergency shutdown shall be conducted, power supply shall be cut off, electrolyte shall be returned to alkali storage tank, and then repair welding shall be carried out according to explosion-proof fire safety measures(white fused alumina for refractory). Negative pressure is produced in the measuring tube, so the liquid level in the absorber rises.

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