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High Quality Silicon Carbide Grit Suppliers Germany

Since the first successful development of artificial corundum abrasive at the end of the 19th century, it has made rapid development and wide application in the 20th century, and has become an indispensable industrial product in the national economy(fused alumina). As an abrasive tool, it plays an irreplaceable role in many fields, such as automobile, machinery manufacturing, aerospace and so on.

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So for a century, artificial corundum and silicon carbide still account for more than two-thirds of all industrial abrasives(brown fused alumina). Because corundum abrasives have good mechanical properties, high-temperature grinding stability and wide range of processing objects, such as corundum abrasives suitable for processing steel workpieces, diamond and silicon carbide react with steel at high temperature and lose processing performance(pink aluminum oxide).

Therefore, it is necessary to study this subject(white alumina). The first to develop abrasive grade alumina crystal is Jacobs of the United States. However, the above corundum abrasive products are made by high temperature smelting process. And the price is moderate, but it is not as high as CBN grinding wheel(green carborundum). Corundum abrasives are also stable when processed in alkaline or neutral media. Corundum material has made great progress.

By 1901, because of the establishment of Higgins furnace, artificial corundum developed into industrial mass production. After the industrial production of artificial corundum began, there were many kinds of corundum abrasives. Based on the different alumina content in abrasives, corundum abrasives can be divided into brown corundum, white corundum and chromium corundum, (black oxide aluminum) and other varieties.

Due to the limitations of the preparation process, the abrasive grains made by this process are coarse, basically composed of large single crystals, with poor grinding performance(black aluminum oxide). Therefore, this kind of corundum abrasive is difficult to grind some high temperature alloys and high hardness quenched steel(silicon carbide companies). Ceramic corundum abrasives based on sol-gel technology are the latest products of alumina based abrasives.

The ceramic corundum abrasives (SG abrasive and Cubitron series abrasive) were successfully developed by sol-gel process(brown aluminium oxide). Because of its advanced technology, its primary crystal is within 0.2~5um range, and has a grain size of several hundred times smaller than that of common white corundum. Characteristics of abrasive(arc fused alumina). As a result, it has been favored and welcomed by the majority of users, and its application area is expanding day by day.

In the early 80s of last century, Norton and 3M were used as representatives(brown fused alumina price). The grinding performance of the grinding wheel is between the super hard CBN wheel and the common corundum wheel, and its processing performance and service life are much higher than that of the corundum wheel(brown aluminum oxide). Therefore, ceramic corundum abrasive is considered as a major technological achievement in the field of grinding in the world.

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