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High Quality Synthetic Corundum Price Austria

aluminum oxide abrasive is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent properties such as durable high temperature, high hardness, high strength, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, high electrical insulation, and good air tightness. It is widely used in abrasives, refractories, Basic materials for machinery, chemical industry, and metal construction materials. Thereby improving the competitiveness of brown corundum in the market.

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With the advancement of science and technology, the aluminum oxide grit popularization and application of technologies such as precision casting and non-remaining machining in the iron and steel industry, and the rapid growth of demand for cast iron chips in other industries, will cause the supply of cast iron chips to become increasingly tight, and prices will soar. The method is characterized in that aluminum oxide blasting abrasive raw materials in the batch are cooked with alumina, hematite and anthracite.(high quality synthetic corundum price austria)

The traditional brown aluminium oxide smelting method is based on bauxite as the main raw material, cast iron chips as impurities removal clarifier, and an appropriate amount of reducing agent anthracite smelted in a high temperature electric arc furnace. In order to overcome the above-mentioned shortcomings, our company provides a method for smelting brown corundum, which is easy to obtain raw materials, which can meet the needs of aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit production and reduce the production cost of brown corundum.

(high quality synthetic corundum price austria)Using synthetic corundum principle of refining, it has conducted long-term research on the main iron ore varieties magnetite, hematite, iron ore, siderite, etc., considering factors such as raw material sources, technology, economy and environmental protection, Hematite was selected as the clarifier to remove impurities in this technology. According to the thermodynamic calculation of the composition of the charge, the Fe2O3 in the hematite was fully utilized during the alumina grit smelting process.

The role of thorium and carbonaceous reducing agent enables the emery abrasive elemental iron directly reduced by Fe2O3 in hematite to replace the cast iron chips commonly used in brown aluminum oxide smelting as a clarifier to remove impurities such as SiO2 from brown corundum smelting, producing high quality brown corundum products. The method for smelting synthetic corundum price includes batching, refining, cooling, classification and screening, granulation, and storage of finished products.(high quality synthetic corundum price austria)

The above artificial corundum raw materials are based on 1000kg of cooked alumina: the amount of anthracite = (SiO2% × 0.4 + Fe2O3% × 0.225 + TiO2% × 0.15) × 1000kg / C%. Hematite amount = (SiO2% × 0.467 × K-Fe2O3% × 0.7) × 1000kg / Fe%. In the formula: SiO2%, Fe2O3%, and TiO2% respectively represent the percentage content of SiO2, Fe2O3, and TiO2 in the corundum abrasive raw material, C% is the percentage of fixed carbon in anthracite, Fe% is the content of iron in hematite, and K is iron Silicon ratio, K is 5.5-6.5.

(high quality synthetic corundum price austria)Failure to meet the needs of brown fused alumina production has greatly increased the cost of brown corundum. In the above hematite, A12O3> 10%, SiO2 <8%, Fe2O3> 65%, and TiO2 <5%. Compared with the prior art, the method for smelting brown corundum replaces the shortage of cast iron chips with hematite that forms a huge ore deposit in nature, which not only meets the need for clarifier in 1200 grit aluminum oxide production, but also greatly reduces its cost.

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