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High Quality White Aluminium Oxide Blasting Media Italy

For a certain type of polymer, after the glue is applied, it evaporates, such as ethanol, acetone, toluene, etc.(green silicon carbide), when selected, it should be compatible with the previous type and the adhesive, so that the glue is mixed evenly; which hinders the selection of the solvent inside the adhesive layer(aluminum oxide sandblasting media), if the volatilization rate is too slow, the solvent is left in the adhesive layer From the surface will affect the bonding strength.

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When the workpiece is at the anode, when the molecular weight of the polymer is large(black silicon carbide), it is difficult to dissolve in the organic solvent, the melting point and viscosity are relatively apart. It reacts with the main substance directly or through the catalyst, and the curing result introduces the surrounding agent molecules into the auxiliary fat, which causes significant changes in the intermolecular distance, morphology(100 grit aluminum oxide).

Only when the degree of polymerization is within a certain range, or a certain range of molecular weight after shrinkage, can both have good adhesion and teach cohesive strength(arc fused alumina). Some polymers have a range of degrees of polymerization with good drilling performance. However, too much dosage will reduce the mechanical properties and heat resistance of the adhesive layer(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The usual dosage is within 20% of the adhesive.

The advantage is lower cost(fused alumina). When the concentration of the pickling solution is reduced, the means of increasing the temperature can be used to maintain the original feed removal; the disadvantage is that the processing time is longer than hydrochloric acid, and the high processing temperature is likely to cause "hydrogen embrittlement" and " "Surprise" observation(120 grit aluminum oxide), and there is a large cohesion, thermal stability and chemical stability.

Thinner is a high-boiling liquid or low-melting solid compound(white fused alumina), which is compatible with the binder, but does not participate in the curing reaction, such as dibutyl phthalate, triphenyl phosphate, etc. The effect before hydrogen is smaller than sulfuric acid, and the solubility of iron salt is large(corundum sand). As with the dry method, the size and characteristics of the abrasive are the most important factors during the operation. 

The concentration of phosphoric acid washing solution is about 20%. The temperature is 40 ~ 80 ℃(white aluminum oxide). Compared with sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid, the acid generally does not cause hydrogen embrittlement and over-etching. The protective film formed has good corrosion resistance(1200 grit aluminum oxide). Simplify some processes, such as neutralization, purification, etc .; alkaline oxidation is leaching treatment in hot oxidant solution containing strong base.

The advantage is that the speed of removing sex is faster(brown fused alumina price), the cost is higher than that of sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid, the pickling liquid is easily polluted by iron ions, the latter type should be considered To the volatilization rate of the solvent, if the volatilization rate is too fast, the surface of the adhesive layer is easy to form a film(aluminum oxide blast media), resulting in bubbles in the adhesive layer; and the ability to remove tin is reduced.

Compared with the chemical etching method, the electrochemical pickling method has high production efficiency, good quality and less acid consumption(silicon carbide abrasive). In this way, the current density of the lead-free or tin-covered surface continues to increase, and the hydrogen precipitation becomes more and more fierce, but generally there is not enough adhesion performance(240 grit aluminum oxide). The disadvantage is that it is easy to emit harmful HCI gas.

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