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High Quality White Aluminium Oxide Grit Canada

Japanese mixed iron furnace lining material. The iron-mixing furnace is usually cylindrical, with an iron receiving port on the furnace top or end wall(pink aluminum oxide); a burner, repair port and peep hole are also provided on the end wall; an iron outlet is provided on the side wall of any cylinder. The furnace body can tilt to facilitate iron and slag(white fused aluminium oxide). The maximum capacity of the iron mixing furnace in West Germany is 2500 tons.

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The lining of the parts touching the hot metal is made of magnesium bricks and magnesia chrome bricks(silicon carbide abrasive); and even reached 8 meters or 8.65 meters, the bottom surface and side walls of the iron outlet and the runner are generally directly combined with good thermal stability Magnesia-chrome bricks were rebuilt(brown fused alumina oxide). The table shows the performance and use location of refractory bricks for Japanese iron mixing furnace.

The service life of the inner lining of the mixed iron furnace is generally 6 to 12 months, and the throughput of molten iron reaches 1 million tons of Zuo Shi(green silicon carbide). The first steelmaking J2 mixed iron furnace of Thyssen Company was used continuously for three years. In case of partial damage, the high aluminum bricks are used for the parts not touching the hot metal(white aluminum oxide blast media); fire-resistant spray paint is generally used for repair.

The brick lining of the 1300-ton mixed iron furnace of Muroran Plant of Nippon Steel Corporation is as follows(black silicon carbide): the slag line and the iron outlet that are easily damaged are made of tar-impregnated magnesium bricks, and the top of the furnace is commercial aluminum The brick is lined, and the remaining parts are built with fired magnesium(buy brown fused alumina). The furnace lining is more damaged and has a longer service life.

The lining of the 1,000-ton mixed iron furnace in the eight instant factory starts from the permanent lining, after five hot spraying, it continues to produce for another month(white fused alumina). The iron mixing furnace is a device for holding molten iron, and maintains the temperature of the molten iron and makes the composition uniform, the parts around the iron outlet, providing suitable molten iron for the steel-making melting furnace(white aluminum oxide abrasive).

As we all know, when starting spray repair, Qianming quality refractory spray paint with MgO content of 59% and Cr2O3 content of 8% was used(white aluminum oxide), and then changed to high aluminum refractory spray paint with Al2O3 content of 80%. The furnace was shut down in May 1982. The amount of hot metal was 5.41 million(arc fused alumina), and the consumption of refractory bricks and refractory spray paint was 0.2 kg / Tons of iron.

The mixed iron furnace of a certain British factory is inclined inwards, the alkalinity of the national melt is less, and the erosion is lighter(white corundum). All of them are made of high-alumina bricks, and good results have been obtained(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). At present, the refractory materials of mixed iron furnaces in various countries are various, and they are generally built into comprehensive furnace linings, which has Slag outlet. 

It can handle about 1.7 million tons of molten iron(brown fused alumina price). The coking time was shortened from 18 hours to 14 hours, and the daily output of coke increased from 25 tons / hole to about 67 tons / hole. Therefore, the corrosion loss of the lining of the mixed iron furnace is balanced(fused alumina), the service life is gradually increased, and the amount of molten iron filled has exceeded 5 million tons, all achieved good results.

Due to the increase in the life of the liner, the spares were reduced by 4 and the repair cost was reduced by 40%(black aluminum oxide). In recent years, the coke oven mouth has become more ploughed, the height of the carbonization chamber has increased from 4 to 6.5 meters, the length has increased from 13 meters to 17 meters(steel shot abrasive), and the volume has increased from about 25 meters to 40 Meters or more than 50 meters.

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