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High Quality White Aluminium Oxide Grit Suppliers Russia

By adjusting the particle size distribution and solid-liquid ratio of solid materials in mud(100 grit aluminum oxide), the suspension of mud can be improved, and the settling capacity of mud can be reduced or eliminated. The forming pressure is determined according to the variety and shape of the products(black silicon carbide powder). The advantage of hot pressing is that it can obtain the products close to the theoretical density(oxide or non oxide), so as to produce stable slurry.

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It is necessary to select the appropriate temperature of raw materials for carrying and burning(aluminum oxide sandblasting media), such as sintering alumina at 1500 ~ 1550 ℃, grinding time in ball mill, such as grinding 100b in ball mill. If necessary, air extraction shall be carried out at the reserved hole on the top to improve the pressing effect of the damaged body(silicon carbide abrasive grit). The key of hot pressing is to adjust the temperature, pressure and the state of raw materials.(high quality white aluminium oxide grit suppliers russia)

Add admixture in various powders, stir in the high-speed mixer(120 grit aluminum oxide), and then send it into the YPG pressure spray to improve the loading density of large products, to load on the shaking table, and put the rubber sleeve closed at one end into the metal position with many small holes that can be hoisted together, so that on the shaking table(carborundum grit), the material is added from the upper edge and the side vibrates to achieve the granulation in the rubber sleeve.

(high quality white aluminium oxide grit suppliers russia)Fill the top sealing cover on the back cover(brown fused aluminum oxide). Hoist the metal basket and the rubber mold with the materials, clean and insert them together, and use cleaning oil (the same as the medium in the high-pressure vessel) to clean the powder and other inclusions attached to the basket and the external surface of the rubber mold(green silicon carbide powder). After cleaning, it is put into the high-pressure vessel of isostatic press for pressurization molding.

In the process of increasing and reducing pressure, the pressurization speed should be slower when pressurizing at low pressure(white fused alumina), which is conducive to the elimination of air between material gaps. On the contrary, when the pressure is reduced at high pressure, the speed of reducing pressure is slower, which is beneficial to release the stress in the body and reduce the occurrence of the crack in the body(carborundum abrasives). Maximum bulk density.

The method of pressing the raw materials of special refractories in the state of heating is called hot pressing(white aluminum oxide). The special refractory products formed by hot pressing can shorten the processing time, reduce the firing temperature and improve the performance of the products. Therefore, some special refractory products with high performance are formed by hot pressing(silicon carbide grit). Add a small amount of water to eliminate this phenomenon after beating.(high quality white aluminium oxide grit suppliers russia)

The suitable hot pressing conditions can control the growth of particles and help the contact and diffusion between particles(white corundum). High strength graphite is used in hydraulic press and mould, induction furnace or resistance furnace is used in heating furnace. All kinds of oxide materials are used in alumina mold under different hot pressing temperature and pressure(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Generally, the pressure is 100-300mpa and the holding time is 5-20min.

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