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High Quality White Aluminium Oxide Powder Belgium

The volume shrinkage during curing is also quite different(aluminum oxide grit). When the polycondensation is reversed, by-products are selected. The volume shrinkage is very serious. The low viscosity and high boiling point of the plasticizer can increase the fluidity of the resin, which is beneficial to dry dipping, diffusion and absorption(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). With the increase of temperature, the impact of cheap compounds.

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The curing shrinkage of aldehyde resin is 5 to 10 times greater than that of epoxy resin(black silicon carbide). The double bond of the neck polymer undergoes an additive reaction. The two double bonds change from van der Waals bonding to covalent bonding, the atom bore distance is greatly shortened, and the volume shrinkage rate is also large(silicon carbide grit). For example, the cure shrinkage rate of unsaturated esters is up to 10% , 1 ~ 4 times higher than epoxy resin.

During ring-opening encapsulation(green silicon carbide), one pair of atoms changes from van der Waals force to chemical bond, while the other pair of atoms changes from original chemical bond to close to van der Waals force, so the volume shrinkage rate is small, such as ring-opening polymerized epoxy The volume shrinkage of resin curing is relatively small(100 grit aluminum oxide), which is one of the main reasons for its higher mechanical strength. 

 In the impact test, the influence of temperature on the impact strength of the material is also great(silicon carbide abrasive). Plasticizers are generally low-molecular-weight liquid or solid organic compounds. Therefore, straightening the dimensional curvature molecule will show the characteristic of large deformation(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). When is lower than the T box, the difference between the unsound varieties is significant, which mainly depends on the height of their Wei points.

Adding plasticizers can dilute the compounds and reduce the effect between the polymer chains, so the strength is reduced(white fused alumina). The amount of plasticizer added is approximately proportional to the amount of plasticizer. However, the addition of plasticizer to the polymer compound of the adhesive increases the plasticity and elasticity of the curing system(120 grit aluminum oxide), improves flexibility and coldness, and low temperature brittleness.

Although this secondary valence force is weak(white aluminum oxide), it is additive, so when the relative molecular mass of the encapsulate is relatively large, its total force appears appreciable, thus changing the conformational balance of the polymer molecule and the pond time, it can also make The crystallization tendency and solubility of the encapsulate are reduced(corundum sand), and the glass transition temperature and hardness are increased.

Solution adhesive, because its solid content is usually 20.6%(brown fused aluminum oxide), so the volume shrinkage is the most serious in the process of nationalization, hot melt adhesive. For example, during processing, the micro bubbles and joint marks caused by uneven mixing and insufficient plasticization, the plasticizer volatilizes with the increase of the placement time(1200 grit aluminum oxide). The plasticizer in the adhesive is lost and will Decrease the bonding strength.

For a crystalline polymer(aluminum oxide abrasive), if its T is below room temperature, it must have a higher impact strength, because the non-product part is in a high elastic state at room temperature, which plays a role in increasing steel. Typical examples are Mongolian ethylene, polypropylene marriage and Like Ding marriage -1(aluminum oxide blast media), the impact strength of thermosetting polymer is very little affected by temperature, and also migrates to the surface.

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