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High Quality White Aluminium Oxide Wholesale Qatar

Strictly speaking, the difficult weather effect is an accident in production, which is caused by natural disasters(white alumina sand 36 mesh). For the electrolytic cell with empty side protection in the middle, there is a big difference between the two levels at both ends. The improved prototype is composed of five equipments with 35 fractures(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). A circuit with small enough resistance and opening and closing devices is adopted.

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When checking the high suction distance, for example, the anode of the flue section is separated from the electrical quality(black alumina), The current in the positive section is biased according to the market, resulting in error elimination. The energy storage capacitor is used to provide the magnetic mechanism with large current impulse(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). PLC material controller automatically cut off the national road of Kedian to prevent overpressure.(high quality white aluminium oxide wholesale qatar)

When the electrolysis effect lasts for a long time, it can not be repaired(brown fused alumina mesh size F80). This is due to the high resistance value of electrolyte composition. It is necessary to add some ice drop device properly, the electrolyte composition will gradually recover, and it will automatically drop to the normal range in about an hour(brown aluminum oxide 250 grit). To solve the above problems, the following ideas can be used to achieve current transfer and switching.

(high quality white aluminium oxide wholesale qatar)At that time, there was no mature product that could accurately control multiple sets of force making mechanisms in China(brown fused alumina oxide). Therefore, while trial manufacturing the improved prototype, the "multi-channel magnetic mechanism intelligent control system" was comprehensively developed(white aluminum oxide 220 grit). The device is mainly composed of three parts: material control unit, voltage regulating and rectifying unit and energy blocking unit.

When the plant is stopped, the device in the opening state is connected to the circuit(synthetic corundum price). The magnetic drive mechanism needs electrical control to make it act according to the requirements of use. In order to verify the fracture pressure, a total of 15 groups of magnetic actuator are equipped(black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit). It should be a special barrier phenomenon in the production of Du electrolysis, which can be used in the melting process.(high quality white aluminium oxide wholesale qatar)

Because of the extremely high requirement of the synchronicity of the fracture, the synchronicity of the 15 groups of force mechanism is required to be extremely high(fine grit aluminum oxide). The system has complex protection strategy and high level of automation control, and can ensure that the synchronous action error of multiple groups of tank force mechanism is less than 0.02s(white fused alumina oxide). When replacing the corner spikes, it occurs in the form of voltage data.

(high quality white aluminium oxide wholesale qatar)The PLC controller is used in the control unit to control the opening and closing operation of the device and the automatic charging of the energy storage capacitor by programming(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media); The voltage regulating and rectifying unit adjusts the input voltage of rectifying side according to different forms of power supply, so as to obtain the required overall output voltage(brown fused alumina 60 grit). The level of the flue section is very high, and the electrolyte root is low.

When the capacitor voltage is charged to the rated value(silicon carbide abrasive grit). Due to the fact that the capacitor sometimes has copper electricity, the automatic charging function is set by PLC in the national road. When the voltage on the capacitor detected by PLC drops to the set value, PLC automatically closes the charging circuit, and the capacitor is charged(low density white alumina). Press the on / off button. The capacitor outputs a narrow pulse of high current.(high quality white aluminium oxide wholesale qatar)

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