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High Quality White Aluminum Oxide Grit Israel

Before the melting and burning operation, a careful melting and burning operation plan shall be formulated, necessary manpower shall be mobilized, sufficient materials shall be reserved, and possible emergencies shall be expected to deal with emergencies in the operation process(high quality white aluminum oxide grit israel). In the full current melting and burning stage, the temperature is high and rises rapidly. 

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Pay attention to supplement the mixture in time for thermal insulation, but avoid materials entering the cavity in the tank(high quality white aluminum oxide grit israel). Timely add materials as required, and carefully patrol and check to prevent electrolyte overflow from burning the bus. Make accurate and careful records(green silicon carbide). The operation steps of dry start-up are: preheat the electrolytic cell under high temperature, and clamp its anode guide rod on the large bus.

At present, the abnormal conditions are adjusted in time to maintain the uniform distribution of cathode and anode current; After 48 hours of power on, electrolyte collapse may occur at the local gap between anodes(high quality white aluminum oxide grit israel). Record the tank voltage every 2h after power on; Measure the chamber temperature, shunt and anode and cathode current distribution every 3H(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). And make records carefully.

The operation procedures after power on include(120 grit aluminum oxide): check the completion of various preparations before power on and confirm whether the tank has power on conditions(high quality white aluminum oxide grit israel). However, this treatment cannot be carried out on more than two adjacent anode guide rods at the same time, and the connection shall be restored in time within 30min(pink aluminum oxide). 

After 4 hours of power on, if it is found that the conductivity of an anode is too small or non-conductive, first check whether the connections of the pole are fastened(120 grit aluminum oxide sandblasting media), and confirm that it is not due to poor contact at the connection, hit the anode steel beam with a hammer to make it vibrate downward, improve the contact with the coke layer and increase its conductive area(high quality white aluminum oxide grit israel).

The treated cathode steel bar turns red(aluminium oxide blast media). After power on, strengthen the temperature measurement of cathode steel bar and tank shell. If the cathode steel bar is found to be red, quickly cool it with air duct or wet cloth, and adjust the current distribution(100 grit aluminum oxide). Handle anode explosive welding and desoldering(high quality white aluminum oxide grit israel). Taking 200kA electrolytic cell as an example, the quantities of various raw materials to be prepared are shown in the table.

In case of anode explosive welding disconnection during melting and burning, first take out the aluminum guide rod, tie up the crusts around the anode, and then take out the carbon block(glass bead blasting media suppliers). At this time, the current flows directly from the anode to the cathode through the coke particle layer, the heating around the tank is limited, and it is easy to cause poor binding and preheating around the tank(high quality white aluminum oxide grit israel). 

However, liquid aluminum can also be poured first, and then the electrolyte can be melted for electrolysis(black corundum). The former method is used more. The two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the comparison is shown in the table. Timely dry start-up is to melt cryolite into liquid electrolyte by using the high temperature generated by the arc between the cathode and anode of the electrolytic cell(high quality white aluminum oxide grit israel). 

What is the dry start-up of the pre culture tank(aluminum oxide sandblasting media)? The start-up task is to melt a sufficient amount of liquid electrolyte in the electrolytic cell after melting and burning, and further heat the furnace lining and clean up carbon slag, so as to create conditions for starting electrolytic production(high quality white aluminum oxide grit israel). Then fill the wood frame with coke particles to ensure that the thickness of coke particle layer under each anode is consistent. 

After startup, there are many electrolyte carbon residues, which need to be removed, which consumes labor and materials(aluminium oxide blasting). When the aluminum reduction cell starts, it must be preheated and melted to meet the following conditions: first, the temperature of about 70% of the cathode surface reaches more than 900 ℃(high quality white aluminum oxide grit israel); Second, more than 60% of the area in the electrolytic cell has 100-150mm high molten electrolyte.

When the temperature reaches the requirements and there is a sufficient height of liquid electrolyte, the addition of alumina will extinguish the effect(alumina abrasive powder). Maintain a high voltage of 6-8v, and then pour an appropriate amount of aluminum water(high quality white aluminum oxide grit israel). The amount of aluminum pouring depends on the capacity of the groove. Mainly for coke pellet sintering, its heating rate is mainly controlled by the shunt size of the diverter.

For the first and second tanks of the new plant, there is no source of liquid aluminum(brown aluminum oxide). The method of slowly adding aluminum keys to the tank to melt it can be adopted. In order to replenish the heat required for melting aluminum, the cell voltage must be properly kept higher(high quality white aluminum oxide grit israel). At 200 ~ 400 ℃, some volatiles in the bottom paste begin to escape, and the heating rate needs to be slowed down, such as about 10 ℃ / h.

Generally, the melting and burning temperature rise speed of new measures should be slow, and the melting and burning of overhaul tank can be appropriately faster(high quality white aluminum oxide grit israel). After aluminum filling, the electrolytic cell enters the production stage and the start-up is over(steel grid). The method described above is to melt the electrolyte, trigger the anode effect, add alumina, and then add aluminum liquid to reach a certain aluminum level.

When the new electrolytic plant is started, the first one or two production tanks are started(high quality white aluminum oxide grit israel). There is no ready-made source of liquid electrolyte, and most of them are always started by dry method(1200 grit aluminum oxide). The following is a set of temperature rise curves of new tank culture and burning: before 200 ℃, the tank lining material has no obvious change, and the temperature rise speed can be appropriately faster, such as about 15 ℃ / h.

Remove the soft connection(garnet sand). If the effect is poor, slightly loosen the soft connection, or hit the anode steel beam with small conductivity on both sides of the electrode with a hammer to increase the conductivity of the adjacent electrode. It is necessary to regularly inspect the anode, steel claw and cathode steel rod, and test every certain time (such as 3H), record the data and make comparative analysis(high quality white aluminum oxide grit israel). 

Disadvantages of graphite powder melting and burning method(alumina sand): like coke particle melting and burning, the current flows directly from the anode to the cathode through graphite powder, the calorific value around the groove is small, and the surrounding paste is prone to under burning(high quality white aluminum oxide grit israel); Carbon residue needs to be removed after start-up, which costs labor and materials(aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive). The current distribution of anode guide rod is seriously uneven.

What are the operating procedures after the coke particles in the pre melting tank are burned and powered on(black silicon carbide)? If it is found that the conductivity of an anode is too large, and the temperature of the steel claw or anode is too high or even red, remove the electrode for feeding or blow air with an air duct for cooling(high quality white aluminum oxide grit israel). There are two startup methods, the so-called dry startup and wet startup.

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