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Carbon structural steel can be divided into normal manganese content (0.25% - 0.8%) and high manganese content (0.70% - 1.20%) according to different manganese content(pink aluminum oxide). According to the mass fraction of carbon, carbon structural steels can be divided into the following three categories: low carbon copper, which is mainly used for cold working and welding structures(white alumina grit), and can be carburized when manufacturing worn parts.

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The mass fraction of carbon in alloy structural steel is lower than that in carbon structure copper, generally in the range of 0.15% - 0.50%(garnet suppliers).Carbon structural steel is widely used in building workshops, bridges, boilers, ships, etc. Carbon tool steel is a kind of high carbon steel without alloying elements. The mass fraction of carbon is in the range of 0.65% - 1.35%(white fused aluminium oxide). Carbon tool steel has the advantages of low production cost, easy access to raw materials and good processability.

(high quality white corundum abrasive factory usa)Therefore, carbon tool steel is widely used to manufacture various cutting tools, moulds and measuring tools(black aluminum oxide). The latter has better mechanical and processing properties. If the carbon tool steel is made into larger parts, it is not easy to harden and easy to produce deformation and crack. In addition, the alloy steel systems in different countries are different with their own resources, production and use conditions(60 grit aluminum oxide). This kind of copper is called alloy steel.

Medium carbon steel is mainly used for components with high strength requirements(garnet abrasive). Quenching and tempering are carried out according to different strength requirements. High carbon copper is mainly used to make springs and wear components. The red hardness of this kind of steel is poor(aluminum oxide sandblast media), that is, when the working temperature is higher than 250 ℃, the hardness and wear resistance of the steel will drop sharply and lose its working ability.(high quality white corundum abrasive factory usa)

In the past, nickel and lattice steel systems have been developed in foreign countries(brown fused alumina price), while alloy steel systems mainly composed of silicon, manganese, float, titanium, nickel, nickel and rare earth have been developed in China. Alloy steel accounts for more than ten percent of the total output of steel, which is usually smelted in electric furnace(silicon carbide grit). Its properties are between killed steel and rimmed steel, with moderate deoxidation.

(high quality white corundum abrasive factory usa)In general, in addition to iron(silicon carbide companies), carbon and a small amount of unavoidable silicon, manganese, phosphorus and sulfur elements, there are also a certain amount of alloy elements in steel. The alloy elements in steel include one or more of silicon, manganese, hat, nickel, nickel, nickel, aluminum, rare earth and so on(aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor). Ordinary low alloy steel is a kind of common alloy steel containing a small amount of alloying elements (mass fraction is less than 3% in most cases).

Under the condition of saving a lot of rare alloy elements (such as nickel and complexing), 1.2-1.3t carbon copper can be used for 1t ordinary low alloy steel(green carborundum), and its service life and service range are far beyond that of carbon steel. Ordinary low alloy steel can be smelted in open hearth furnace and converter with the cost similar to that of carbon copper(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media). After heat treatment, high hardness and high wear resistance can be obtained.(high quality white corundum abrasive factory usa)

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