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High Quality White Corundum Factory Europe

If the diameter of round steel is 50 mm, the allowable deviation is ± 0.6 mm, and the tolerance is 1.2 mm(white corundum). Generally, it appears in accordance with national standards or ministry standards, create or drill and test, such as the marking method of bullet number of steel products (gb221-79), etc(white fused aluminum oxide). the performance indexes and quality requirements of products specified in the standards are called technical conditions.

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Such as chemical composition, dimension, surface quality, physical properties, mechanical properties, process properties, internal organization, delivery status, etc(black silicon carbide manufacturers). The finished product weight of the applied parts is mainly used by the user department or the inspection department when the risk is collected(high purity fused aluminum oxide). It is stipulated in the standard that the inspection must be carried out and the conditions required by the standard shall be guaranteed.(high quality white corundum factory europe)

The melting composition of steel refers to the chemical composition of steel at the end of melting (e.g. deoxidization in the tank) and at the middle stage of injection(white aluminum oxide). In order to make it representative and represent the average composition of the furnace and tank, it is stipulated in the standard method to cast a small mirror in the sample mold, and analyze according to the specified standard method(white aluminum oxide crystals). The deviation has directionality, and the beam has no directionality.

(high quality white corundum factory europe)Local defects can be repaired with the consent of the manufacturer(aluminum oxide grit), but the repaired cast iron pipe must be re tested for water pressure and air tightness according to this standard. When cast iron pipe is used in gas pipeline, if air tightness test is required, the test method shall be stipulated by agreement between the supplier and the demander(46 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The coating shall be insoluble in water and shall not make the water stink.

The sum of allowable positive and negative deviation pool pairs specified in the standard is called micro tolerance(white fused alumina). The composition of finished products of steel, also known as verification analysis composition, refers to the chemical composition obtained by drilling or gouging the test chips from the test block (sample Hall) injected with the same package in accordance with the specified standard method (see gb222-84 for details)(brown fused alumina bfa grade a manufaturer).

Asphaltene or other anti-corrosion materials can be used on the inner and outer surface of the pipe body(brown fused alumina price). If it is required to use cement mortar lining or the inner surface is not coated, it shall be determined by both parties. The content of harmful impurities shall comply with the relevant provisions of the Ministry of health for drinking water(brown fused alumina suppliers). Socket flange should be clear, and slight defects that do not affect the use are allowed.(high quality white corundum factory europe)

For continuous drilling iron pipe and gray cast iron pipe with flexible mechanical interface, the depth of various local defects that make the wall thickness good shall not exceed (2 + 0.05T) mm(black corundum). The internal and external surface of cast iron pipe shall not have obvious defects, such as cold shut, crack and dislocation, which hinder the use(black silicon carbide suppliers). The depth of various local defects that reduce wall thickness shall not exceed (2 + 0.05T) mm.

(high quality white corundum factory europe)The air tightness test medium of gray cast iron pipe with flexible mechanical interface shall be compressed air, and the air tightness test pressure shall not be less than 0.3MPa(pink corundum). The structure and pipe fittings shall be gray cast iron with dense structure and easy cutting and drilling(brown fused alumina factory). In addition to the above requirements, the sealing working face of socket and spigot shall not be in continuous axial groove and pitted surface.

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