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High Quality White Corundum Factory Italy

Therefore, the condensate discharge schedule should be formulated according to the humidity and the operation of the air compressor(white corundum), and the condensate generated during the operation of the air compressor should be discharged in time. There are the following points: Hard sand particles will wear the cylinder(carborundum abrasives), piston ring, piston rod packing and its parts and shorten the service life of the machine. 

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The advantages of piston compressors are(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media): a wide range of applicable pressures, the replacement time of the compressor cooling lubricant depends on the use environment, humidity, dust and whether there are acid or alkaline gases in the air. Due to the effect of wind, the air always contains different degrees of dust and other impurities(brown fused alumina mesh size F80). If the content of dust and sand in the air is too much, it will be quite harmful to the compressor. 

(high quality white corundum factory italy)Before the air or other gas enters the compressor(white aluminum oxide), it must pass through the equipment equipped with filters to prevent dust and impurities from entering the equipment, to prevent the sharp increase in wear and tear of the parts, and to prevent the oxidation of the lubricating oil(brown fused alumina oxide). The disadvantage of compressed air is that it contains a considerable amount of impurities, and its main impact on production is: solid particles.

The moisture in the air may condense in the oil-gas separator and condenser(carborundum grit), especially in humid weather, when the exhaust temperature is lower than the pressure dew point of the air or when the cooling is stopped, more condensate will be precipitated(white alumina sand 36 mesh). The air compressor is one of the main mechanical power equipment of the enterprise, and it is very necessary to maintain the safe operation of the air compressor.(high quality white corundum factory italy)

The specific maintenance is as follows(white fused alumina): Excessive moisture in the oil will cause the emulsification of the lubricating oil, affect the safe operation of the machine, cause poor lubrication of the compressor main body, poor oil and gas separation effect, and increase the pressure difference of the oil and gas separator, which will cause the corrosion of mechanical parts and affect compression(brown aluminium oxide 70 grit). The quality of the air. 

(high quality white corundum factory italy)Matters must be determined when repairing and replacing various components(brown fused aluminum oxide): the pressure in the air compressor system has been released, separated from other pressure sources, the switch on the main circuit has been disconnected, and the closing should not be allowed Security logo(100 grit aluminum oxide white). Maintain and replace the air filter. Remember to prevent any debris from falling into the main compressor cavity.

The air filter must be cleaned regularly and replaced to ensure air intake(pink aluminum oxide). When the cooling effect is poor, clean the cooler in time according to the situation. In order to enable the air compressor to operate normally and reliably and ensure the service life of the unit, it is necessary to perform fixed-in operation, regular maintenance, and regular inspection and maintenance to keep the air compressor clean(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media), oil-free and dirt-free.(high quality white corundum factory italy)

Dust will increase the wear of the compressor(black aluminum oxide), destroy the lubrication of the compressor, affect the cooling of the gas, and cause the final temperature of the compressed gas to increase, and the power consumption will also increase sharply(pink fused alumina f grade). Strict implementation of the air compressor operating procedures will not only help extend the service life of the air compressor, but also ensure the safety of air compressor operators.

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