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High Quality White Corundum Manufacturers Malaysia

At 500 ℃, the magnesite grains cracked; at 550 ℃, homogeneous magnesia around the magnesite particles appeared deep inside the magnesite grains(white corundum); at 650 ℃, the magnesite disappeared, and the magnesia partially showed Homogeneity: At 1100°C, tiny perovskite inclusions are formed in perovskite, and its color becomes brown(garnet abrasive price). When the temperature continued to rise to 1400 ℃, no change was seen, but the brown of the perovskite was deepened.

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Magnesia is an alkaline refractory raw material that is made of magnesite, brucite or seawater and sintered at high temperature(brown fused alumina price). Due to SiO2 pollution in coke ash, the content of SiO2 in magnesia increases by about 2%; the seawater magnesia is made from the magnesium salt contained in the seawater through chemical treatment and high temperature calcination Alkaline refractory raw materials(glass bead abrasive); the composition of other particles is agreed by both parties.

According to the different sintering characteristics of raw materials and the technical requirements of magnesia products, one-step calcination or two-step calcination process can be used in the magnesia production process(silicon carbide price). For the raw materials that are difficult to sinter, a two-step calcination process is used to produce high-purity, high-density magnesia, less than 1mm is not more than 15%(silicon carbide grit suppliers); and the main crystal phases can be directly combined.

The two-step calcination process is as follows(white fused alumina): raw materials (magnesite ore or purified concentrate powder with certain particle size requirements)-light burning (in rotary kiln, suspension roasting kiln, multi-layer furnace, boiling furnace or reverberatory furnace, using ash-free The fuel is calcined at about 1000°C), one finely ground (the finer the finer magnesia, the higher the density) → calcination (calcined with ashless fuel in a shaft kiln or rotary kiln(carborundum powder), temperature above 1800°C), one sintered magnesia.

Magnesite is calcined to 700℃ to decompose and emit CO2, and calcined to about 1000℃ to form light burnt magnesia (caustic magnesia), commonly known as bitter soil powder, which has loose texture and large chemical activity(arc fused alumina). Continue to increase the temperature to more than 1700~1800℃, the periclase grains gradually grow, shrink in volume, increase in density, and the chemical activity is greatly reduced(steel shot abrasive), that is, calcined into sintered magnesia.

Particle composition of sintered magnesia: particle composition is 0~30mm, of which less than 1mm is not more than 5%(white aluminum oxide); particle composition is 0~90mm, which is less than 1mm is not more than 8%; particle composition is 0~120mm, which is more than 120mm Not more than 10%(aluminum oxide blasting). The fused magnesia is an alkaline refractory raw material made by melting natural magnesite, lightly burned magnesia or sintered magnesia in an electric arc furnace.

Appearance quality of sintered magnesia: sintered magnesia of MS98, MS97 and MS96 grades should not be mixed with undersintered products and impurities(glass beads manufacturers); sintered magnesia in MS93, MS90, MS87 and MS84 grades with a particle size greater than 30mm, including undersintered products(silicon carbide abrasive powder), The surface area of the nodule and the black block shall not exceed 1/3, 1/3 and 1/4 of the surface area of the magnesia block respectively.

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