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However, the hardness increase caused by continuous processing may have a maximum value, which must be paid attention to(steel shot abrasive). With the increase of temperature, the recovery and recrystallization process will occur for the metal hardened by cold work. When recrystallization occurs, the deformed grains will nucleate and grow again to form new equiaxed grains without strain(brown fused alumina suppliers). It is generally divided into three areas.

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Such dynamic changes have an impact on the friction and wear characteristics of the materials(glass bead abrasive). According to the test results of Khrushchev and others, the five kinds of abrasives have different particle sizes and hardness. However, in some tests, it is found that the wear coefficient K is not a constant(black silicon carbide suppliers), but is related to the hardness ha of the abrasive grains and the relative hardness HM of the material being ground.

(high quality white corundum manufacturers ukraine)When the ratio of hm / ha exceeds a certain value, the wear loss will decrease rapidly(white fused alumina). At this time, the hardness will drop sharply and return to the original hardness value without strain. From the analysis of abrasive wear equation and adhesive wear equation, if the wear coefficient is constant(white fused aluminum oxide), that is to say, the wear rate is directly proportional to the load and inversely proportional to the hardness of the material.

Abrasive wear is not only determined by the hardness HM of the material, but also by the ratio of the hardness HM of the material and the hardness ha of the abrasive grains(brown fused aluminum oxide). The law of wear curve of steel with different hardness is basically the same. However, the starting point and turning point of wear are different with different wear rate(brown fused alumina factory). The higher the abrasive hardness is, the greater the wear rate of steel is.

However, when the abrasive hardness exceeds a certain value, the wear rate of steel decreases with the increase of abrasive hardness, which is related to the abrasive strength and geometry(black corundum). Because of the relative wear, other properties have interphase effects on the test material and standard sample, so only the influence of abrasive hardness is shown(high purity fused aluminum oxide). Temperature also has a great influence on the hardness.(high quality white corundum manufacturers ukraine)

It is not difficult to see: when the fracture occurs, the material around the indentation will be worn off, in simple wear mode(pink corundum), Ka is greater than 1, so the wear is greater than plastic material. To sum up, the results of richardsan test show that the surface hardness of ground polished metal can be increased to 5.5 times when tungsten carbide is used to grind ground polished metal(black silicon carbide manufacturers), such as pure iron from 60HV to 303hv.

It can also be seen that when the critical indentation depth is reached, the tensile stress caused by indentation causes the crack to initiate and propagate around the pressed plastic zone(glass beads manufacturers). The hardness of the material is much larger than that of the material, and the relative wear of the material has nothing to do with the hardness of the abrasive grains(wholesale brown fused alumina). The austenitic high manganese steel increases from 220hv to 910hv.

(high quality white corundum manufacturers ukraine)The reasons are as follows: the shape of the abrasive particles is round(garnet abrasive price); the edges and corners of the abrasive particles are not facing the direction of motion in the process of ploughing; the probability of cutting occurs when the abrasive and the surface contact(black silicon carbide factory). Under some conditions, the cutting wear accounts for a large proportion of the total wear, but the overall probability of cutting is not very large.

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