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High Quality White Corundum Powder Suppliers Taiwan

Start the air compressor first(silicon carbide companies), send it to the furnace through the pressure stabilizing tank (0.78MPa), control the tilting speed of the electric furnace to control the flow rate of the melt, blow the ball while tilting the furnace, and reset the electric furnace after the ball is blown, and continue to feed the electric melt(brown fused alumina 60 grit). There are two kinds of alumina hollow spheres: mixed grade ball and graded ball: the particle size of mixed grade ball is 0.2-5mm.

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Electric melting blow ball cycle: the melting time is 30~40min, and the blow ball time is 5-10min(white fused alumina). The firing temperature of its products is also higher. Oxygen bubbling method supplemented with oxidizing agent or oxygen blowing method. Expandable polystyrene beads contain about 4% to 5% of the blowing agent, evenly distributed(glass beads supplier). Hollow spheres greater than 5 mm and frit and powders smaller than 0.2 mm are used as return materials for remelting.(high quality white corundum powder suppliers taiwan)

These droplets fall in the air and fall on a parabolic route(white aluminum oxide). The shrinkage cavity (shrinkage) inside the hollow sphere comes from the volume expansion of alumina during heating. This volatilization of the melt can increase the gas partial pressure inside the liquid. When the ball is blown, the gas remaining inside the droplet expands the volume of the droplet, Al2O3, 99.76%, SiO2, 0.22%, Fe2O3, 0.05%(arc fused alumina); which greatly promotes the formation and thinning of the hollow sphere.

(high quality white corundum powder suppliers taiwan)Blowing agent is a low-boiling saturated hydrocarbon, such as butane boiling point is -0.5 ℃, I pentane boiling point is 27.9 ℃. Under normal conditions, expandable polystyrene beads consist of a solid phase of polystyrene, a liquid phase of butane and water, butane vapor and air. This process can be completed within 1-3 minutes, and the volume of each bead can be expanded by 30-40 times(fused alumina). As a result, the bead ball expands greatly in volume.

Place the mold on the dry kang first(brown fused alumina price). For foaming, the expandable polystyrene beads need to be heated, and the heating medium is water vapor at 100-110℃. During the heating of the bead ball, when the temperature exceeds the boiling point of the blowing agent, the internal blowing agent of the bead ball expands and the pressure increases sharply(brown fused alumina factory). When the temperature exceeds 80°C, the shell of the bead ball softens and becomes plastic.

The blown alumina hollow spheres are graded with a multi-layer vibrating sieve(silicon carbide price). The compressive surface during firing is 2%-3%, and the non-compressive surface is 1.5%-2.0%. The green body formed by casting can be immediately heated and dried in order to release the mold as soon as possible(black oxide aluminum). The green body formed by pressurized vibration molding can be immediately demolded, dried naturally and then heated and dried.(high quality white corundum powder suppliers taiwan)

A small amount of broken balls and pellets are mixed in the 43~5mm alumina hollow balls, which can be removed on the ball separator or by water separation method(green carborundum). Chemical composition: the formation process of hollow spheres is completed in a short period of time (10-30s) under the injection of alumina melt under high-pressure air(white fused alumina oxide mfg). And the net melting 5-10min, when the melt temperature reaches 2200-2300 ℃ start to blow the ball.

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