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High Quality White Corundum Sand Suppliers France

The cantilever omni-directional cutting machine(white fused alumina abrasives), cantilever front and rear parallel milling and grinding brick machine produced by nonmetal equipment factory, the latest patented products xmj-250, xmj-300, xmj-350 series high-precision special sliding plate grinding machine, etc(white aluminium oxide powder). Fused white corundum: industrial alumina is used as raw material, and a small amount of additive (AIF) is added to improve the fluidity of molten liquid.

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The arc starting operation of this material is simple and not easy to break the arc(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). Lay the furnace bottom material, and lay the industrial alumina on the platform of the trailer. The thickness of the middle layer is about 200 mm, and the thickness of the middle layer is about 300 mm near the furnace shell, so as to prevent the solution from overflowing during arc starting(brown aluminum oxide grit). The ratio of aluminum chips to carbon powder is 2:1 to 3:1.(high quality white corundum sand suppliers france)

The production process of electric melting white corundum is as follows(white aluminum oxide 80 grit): Electric envy trailer structure, 4-5 layers of high aluminum bricks are paved on the trailer platform, 2-3 layers of corundum bricks are paved, and the thickness of carbon bricks is greater than 200mm. On the bottom of the paved trailer, the water-cooled furnace shell is placed and sent to the bottom of the electrode center through the track(white aluminium oxide blasting media). It is common to arc light, the material block is white or gray white, and there are few pores.

A triangle or Y-shaped electrode block is laid on the bottom of the furnace, and three vertices correspond to three electrodes(brown aluminium oxide grit). For arc starting, first lower one electrode to contact with the electrode block of arc starting, and press it tightly, then lower the second and the third electrodes to all arc starting(aluminum oxide blasting grit). With the gradual increase of current and voltage, after the expansion of the melting area, melt and feed at the same time to prevent arc breaking from affecting the operation.

(high quality white corundum sand suppliers france)Stop the furnace, melt LH after feeding and start channeling, reduce the thickness of the upper material layer(white fused alumina). Heating method and equipment structure used in drying. The reduction method adopts the thick layer operation method (about 300 mm), and the melting block is light gray or gray white with more air holes(brown fused alumina micropowder). The oxidation method adopts the thin layer method, with the feeding thickness of no more than 150 mm each time.

After smelting the last layer of material, it is necessary to continue the electrofusion refining for 20-30 minutes to improve the smelting effect(white aluminum oxide). Then, the frits with large crystallinity, few pores and high density in the middle and lower part of the furnace body are selected for the production of refractories. When the furnace reacts greatly, it can move the electrode to release gas and cut off power for a short time(white fused aluminum oxide refractory). The second time was controlled for about 3 hours.

For the cooling of the furnace body, a water spraying cooling device is installed outside the furnace shell. In the process of electric melting, the forced water cooling can prevent the furnace shell from overheating and the high-temperature molten liquid overflowing due to burning out. The cooling speed can be improved after the furnace is stopped(brown alumina abrasive). First of all, the unmelted material and sintering layer at the furnace bottom and around should be removed.(high quality white corundum sand suppliers france)

Open arc operation shall be adopted 20 minutes before boiler shutdown(brown fused aluminum oxide). Adopt the operation method of frequent feeding and less feeding. From the 18th hour, the melting area was further enlarged and the temperature of the molten liquid was increased to promote the sinking separation of ferrosilicon(white corundum price). Before the end of control, check the quality of the electric melting material by dip stick method, and add the material after adjustment.

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