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High Quality White Fused Alumina Abrasives Belgium

In order to obtain a good and uniform binder layer between abrasives, it is necessary to ensure the uniformity when mixing various substances(aluminum oxide abrasive). Generally, the particle size of binder should be at least 140 um. According to foreign data, the particle size of binder is mostly smaller than 50 um(low density white alumina). The good adhesion of resin to abrasive depends on the good wettability of resin to abrasive. It is an oil-like liquid. 

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So if we want to use it as binder, we must try to improve its performance(silicon carbide price). It has certain high-temperature mechanical properties and good volume stability, and is the necessary material for all kinds of high-temperature equipment. When there is 0.00125mg/l formaldehyde in the air, it can stimulate the visual organs(aluminium oxide polishing powder). Usually, adding metal powder, such as steel powder, can significantly improve the strength of the bond.

Resin, such as ester, has poor wettability to diamond, so it is one of the reasons for the phenomenon of "magic sand" in the use of abrasive tools(brown fused aluminum oxide). Many measures have been taken to improve the wettability of resin to abrasives, but the most effective way is to bond the metal coating on the abrasive surface(alumina polishing powder). Refractories are heterogeneous materials composed of many different chemical compositions and minerals with different structures.

At the same time(white aluminum oxide), it is reported by foreign grinding materials that about 70% of the raw materials of the diamond resin grinding tool without metal coating have fallen off after the P18 (a kind of hard alloy brand in foreign countries) product is grinded. When the mirror metal coating abrasive is used, only 30% of the diamond has fallen off under the same grinding technology(silicon carbide abrasive powder). The packing should also be carefully packed.

Experiments show that the strength of the bond determines the abrasives' wear resistance, productivity, safety and reliability in the process of grinding, so it is a very important index(silicon carbide companies). The bond with low strength is often under the action of less pre grinding force, that is to say, it has damaged the bond, cracked or split from the matrix, sometimes it shows excessive wear, so that Abrasives do not work well(aluminum oxide blasting).

Xylenol is extracted from the medium tar and the high boiling point fraction of Lvxin left after the separation of the extract ester and jiadang(white fused alumina). Its corrosiveness and toxicity are similar to that of the extract phenol. Pay attention to safety when contacting, and prevent it from burning around the skin(carborundum powder). Usually 37% aqueous solution is used, which is a special irritant liquid, and can stimulate eyes and respiratory mucosa.

Formaldehyde is the basic raw material for making phenolic resin fat, and refractory is the inorganic non-metallic material which can meet the use requirements in high temperature environment(green carborundum). According to the international organization for standardization, its fire resistance shall not be less than 1500 ℃(aluminum oxide grit). It includes natural ore and various products made by certain process according to certain purpose requirements.

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