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High Quality White Fused Alumina Abrasives Philippines

The brick press that drives the punch to move up and down by the pressure of the liquid in the hydraulic cylinder is called a hydraulic brick press(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit). Hydraulic brick press is generally used for forming products with high requirements on density, strength and other indicators. The green body formed in this way has basically the same internal and external geometric shapes(white fused alumina price). Transmission system, and applying anti-sticking agent.

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The static pressure during pressurization is conducive to the discharge of gas in the blank and the uniform density, and the hydraulic press is easier to automate than the friction brick press(white aluminum oxide sand). However, the structure of the hydraulic press is complex, the manufacturing technology requirements are high, and the daily maintenance is difficult(brown fused alumina manufacturer). According to the different liquids used, it can be divided into two categories: hydraulic press and hydraulic press.

In the early 1970s, China developed a 8000 ~ 12000kN automatic hydraulic brick press, which has been widely used in the refractory industry(white fused alumina). The hydraulic brick press unit is generally composed of a host (including a demoulding device), a hydraulic transmission device, a mud feeding device and a brick taking device(white fused alumina make company), a brick blank detection and automatic adjustment device for the amount of filler, and a brick blank transfer device.

When the dry wine layer reaches a certain thickness, the excess mud is poured out to form the inner wall of the body(white aluminum oxide). There are many types of mainframes, which can be divided into fixed mode and mobile mode according to the working mode of the molding die(aluminium oxide for blasting). Working with the bricks pressing at the same time can improve work efficiency, but two sets are required Brick feeding device. This type of brick press is still widely used.

The turntable mold table has 3 or 4 mold sleeves, which alternately work through stations such as filling, pressing, demolding, cleaning(brown fused alumina price). The turntable mold table has high working efficiency, but there are many molds and molds are installed. Complex positioning, large working surface, only used for small brick molding(brown fused alumina for abrasive). The characteristic of the hydraulic press is that the forming pressure is greater than that of the friction brick press.

Double molds are installed on the same car, alternately enter the center of the main machine to press the bricks(aluminum oxide abrasive). The bricks, molds and fillers are completed by the corresponding devices located in front of and behind the main machine. In order to save facilities and occupy less floor space, some large brick presses prefer to use the single-movement mode(aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor). There are two moving modes: turntable die table and reciprocating die table.

The mobile workbench does not produce brick filler in the center of the main machine, which can shorten the working stroke of the main cylinder and reduce the height of the main machine(aluminum oxide grit); the complex auxiliary facilities are scattered in configuration, the work maintenance is convenient, and the mold replacement is convenient(white fused aluminum oxide). The upper die head can also be controlled to maintain demolding under a certain pressure, also known as load demolding.

Fixed mode hydraulic brick press mold is fixed in the center of the frame(brown fused alumina bfa grade a manufaturer), compact structure, low cost, in order to improve the efficiency of mold change, the new brick press has more perfect improvements in mold fixing method and mold change facilities(brown fused aluminium oxide). When the brick blank is demoulded, the floating table is controlled to descend until the brick blank is completely exposed to the table and the upper die head is generally in the overhang position.

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