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When there is a crack in the furnace wall of the furnace carbonization chamber, the air coating method can be used for repairing(pink aluminum oxide). The method is to atomize the patching material, spray it into the carbonization chamber space to make it float, reduce the pressure of the combustion chamber to a negative valu(240 grit aluminum oxide)e, so that the powder can be sucked into the cracks and filled to achieve the purpose of patching.

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In the 1970s, the Soviet Union, kouben, the United States, Belgium and other countries adopted the flame gunning method to repair vulnerable parts of coke ovens, which had a bitter effect(white fused alumina). For example, there is a big crack on the wall of the carbonization chamber of a Belgian coke oven(synthetic corundum). It should be pointed out that after the development of coke production, there will be a great change in the requirements for refractories.

At present, in recent years, using this method to mend the furnace, the damage to the original lining is small, and the gunning layer is dense(silicon carbide abrasive). In addition, the gunning layer is still intact after using this method for one year(aluminum oxide grit). In a word, in Japan, the flame gunning method is used to repair coke ovens with a furnace life of more than 20-30 years, and at the same time, its service life is extended by 5-10 years.

In the daily maintenance of coke oven, the flame gunning method is used for furnace repair, and the gunning layer is generally used for about two years(white aluminum oxide), while the wet gunning method is only used for one to four months. At that time, the furnace will no longer use a large number of silica bricks to build the furnace body(46 grit aluminum oxide), while the bricks such as silicon carbide bricks, dense high alumina bricks and semi silica bricks will be widely used.

Refractory is made up of refractory powder and a small amount of metal powder(green silicon carbide). They have made breakthrough progress and basically met the needs of oxygen converter steelmaking process. Over the years, the proportion of oxygen converter steel production has been increasing(aluminum oxide abrasive), at the same time, among which the proportion of Japan, West Germany and France has reached 70-82%, high strength and does not fall off.

After being sprayed out from the nozzle, it will melt through the flame surface of propane and oxygen, and then be sprayed on the furnace lining(white corundum). In Japan, the United States, the Soviet Union and other countries, new plants or old plants are generally transformed by sintering machines. Igniter is an important part of sintering machine(aluminum oxide abrasive media). The so-called igniter is a device that ignites on the mobile trolley full of mixture.

In 1980, Japan's Nippon Steel, Kawasaki, Sumitomo and steel tube companies have adopted ld-ob method in 8 large-scale top blown oxygen converters(brown fused aluminum oxide). For this reason, refractories workers in various countries have done a lot of work in selecting raw materials, strengthening the calcination of raw materials and improving the brick making process(black silicon carbide). The use of light brick will also increase day by day.

However, the Soviet Union still mainly uses open hearth steel, and the proportion of oxygen converter steel production is below 30% and t(black aluminum oxide). In foreign countries, there were 26 converters in 1958 with a capacity of about 7 million tons and a maximum capacity of 65 tons; by 1981, there were about 550 oxygen converters in the world with a capacity of 525 million tons and a maximum capacity of 410 tons(emery abrasive).

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