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High Quality White Fused Alumina Manufacturers Indonesia

Among the raw materials of white aluminum oxide, the aluminum bauxite has the highest proportion, and the performance of the white corundum after the finished production is also characterized by wear resistance and large pressure. Before you know the similarities between iron sand and black aluminum oxide blast media raw materials, you need to understand the various characteristics of iron sand.

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The iron sand comes from the extracts of lakes and reservoirs. After special preparation, black corundum becomes granular of fine particles. It is characterized by angular and high hardness, which can be used in heat treatment, refractory, rust removal, metallurgy and sand cleaning. And other related industries. The characteristics and application range of white corundum are particularly similar to the various conditions of iron sand.(high quality white fused alumina manufacturers indonesia)

Why not use iron sand in the raw material of white fused alumina? Let Xiaobian tell you: in the process of making white corundum, it needs to be forged at high temperature, iron sand in The performance under high temperature is unstable, and the white corundum will also be exposed to the aluminum oxide grit high-temperature calcination process in the later stage of use. In the environment with high anti-corrosion demand, iron sand cannot be used.

(high quality white fused alumina manufacturers indonesia)It is known that iron undergoes long-term oxidation. Corrosion will occur, which is very bad for later use. There are many similarities between iron sand and pink corundum raw materials. The above conclusions are all confirmed by the technicians of Henan Ruishi Group, so users do not have to guess whether the raw materials of aluminum oxide abrasive can be exchanged, etc. Scientifically verified, it is for the user to have no quality problems in the later use.

Alumina-silicon carbide abrasive-carbonaceous castables can be directly cast on site or used as prefabricated parts. The service life varies greatly depending on the quality of the raw materials used. The large blast furnace is made of corundum-silicon carbide-carbonaceous casting. The main lining of the material (about 450-500 mm thick) is generally 100,000 tons of molten iron, silicon carbide companies which can reach more than 300,000 tons after refilling or spraying.(high quality white fused alumina manufacturers indonesia)

There are similarities among the iron sand and brown fused aluminum oxide raw materials. The composition of alumina-silicon carbide-carbonaceous castables varies with the environment and conditions used. The amount of silicon carbide added varies according to the site of use. The amount of iron slag and slag line added is 18% to 30%. The amount of the green carborundum slag line below is 12% to 15%. After the lap is used, it should be cleaned, littered, and placed in order for reuse.

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