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High Quality White Fused Alumina Manufacturers Italy

The eye mouth should be placed on the machining surface as far as possible to reduce the cleaning amount of non machining surface(white fused alumina). Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the direct impact of the flow of the gating system on the insulation riser sleeve during the casting process design(white alumina grit). Starch A and lyh-3 dextrin binder are used for heat insulation riser. There are two kinds of yellow and white.

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Insulation riser: according to the characteristics of local material or alloy and casting needs(white aluminum oxide), the riser (shape, size, wall thickness) is set for hollow bead, hollow bead expanded perlite, inorganic refractory fiber, organic refractory fiber, dextrin, sodium silicate, resin and other binders according to the local material or alloy characteristics and casting needs(aluminium oxide suppliers), so as to make insulation riser like mixing core.

(high quality white fused alumina manufacturers italy)Problems to be noticed in use: when the molten metal enters the mold cavity(white corundum), the high temperature air flow scours the insulation riser material to decompose and erode, and the material falls back into the liquid metal, and inclusions and even air holes will be formed along with the flow of liquid metal to some parts of the casting(white corundum sand). Dextrin is the best choice for heating and heat preservation riser.

For castings with slow pouring speed and long pouring time(brown fused aluminum oxide), the coating can be applied on the contact surface of insulating riser sleeve to prevent material peeling off. In order to strengthen the sequential solidification of castings, the runner should be close to or pass through the riser as much as possible, especially for the flat, plate and short column castings(aluminium oxide for blasting), the effect of lap riser is better(floating bead).(high quality white fused alumina manufacturers italy)

It should not be placed in the important parts of the casting or in the place where the force is large(black aluminum oxide), so as to avoid promoting the coarse structure and reducing the strength. The solubility of white dextrin in water is small, the specific strength is 3kg / em2, and the solubility is 1%(aluminum oxide sandblast media); yellow dextrin is often used in casting, and the products developed by different factories in the market are different.

(high quality white fused alumina manufacturers italy)After burning, the binder (resin is better(pink aluminum oxide), sodium silicate can also be added), and then the amount of dextrin which needs to reach the strength of heat preservation and heating riser is about 30%. This kind of riser should not be placed at the stress concentration of casting to avoid crack(garnet sand). The solubility of yellow dextrin in water is high, refractory aggregate binder, the specific strength is 4kg / cm.

It has the advantages of simple production, low cost and good effect by using local resources(aluminum oxide grit). The exhaust measures are strengthened for the insulation dark riser. Because the resin price is 3-4 times higher than dextrin, the strength of the mixed binder with 30% dextrin can reach the same proportion of sodium silicate(white aluminum oxide sand), but the post mixing treatment is more troublesome than the use of dextrin, and the solubility is 1%.(high quality white fused alumina manufacturers italy)

Heating material aluminum powder(white fused alumina micro powder), silicon powder, magnesium slag powder, flue ash (fly ash), charcoal, rice husk, dextrin (Marling powder or Yuli powder mixed with dilute hydrochloric acid or acid) is prepared by heating. It is a complex carbohydrate produced by starch decomposition(abrasive blast media). In fact, the heat insulation riser is a kind of heat preservation riser which is widely used in casting production.

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