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High Quality White Fused Alumina Suppliers In Italy

Abrasive particles are granular materials with required dimensions. Granulation processing is to crush the smelted crystals into particles of a certain size after crushing, sieving or water, and then magnetically remove the magnetic materials. green silicon carbide particles also need water separation and chemical treatment. aluminum oxide abrasive sometimes needs Shaping and calcining, and finally finished abrasive products meet the requirements.

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Most of the machinery used in silicon carbide abrasive processing is the same as that used in ore processing. Its processing characteristics are: the processing object is a material that is difficult to break, the compressive strength of the abrasive is several times higher than that of ordinary ore, the daily processing capacity of the abrasive plant is significantly smaller than that of the concentrator, and the particle size and particle shape of the finished black silicon carbide product are required.

(high quality white fused alumina suppliers in italy)Stricter than beneficiation. There are two processes of pink corundum processing, dry and wet. Domestic abrasive factories use dry processing for corundum processing. Aluminum oxide powder sintered corundum is made of industrial aluminum oxide powder as raw material and sintered at a high temperature with appropriate amount of additives. The aluminum oxide grit product is rose red, which is characterized by high strength and toughness.

Its abrasive tools are specially used for precision grinding processing of watch parts and miniature cutting tools. First, the brown aluminium oxide was calcined at 1200 ~ 1400 ° C into α-Al2O3, and its shrinkage was 13%. The calcined material was wet ground to a fine powder of less than 2 μm by a ball mill. Material: water: ball = 1: 1: 3, ball milling time is 70 ~ 80h. Rhenium is then acid washed to remove iron and Na2O.(high quality white fused alumina suppliers in italy)

The pickling temperature was 90 ° C, and the black corundum stirring was performed. After pickling, water washing is required to remove the acid remaining in the slurry. Wash with water until pH = 7. Drying can be performed in an oven, and the temperature is controlled at 80 ~ 100 ° C. The dried powder is loosened in an synthetic corundum ball mill, and additives are added in proportion. After passing through the 120 # sieve, the powder becomes abrasive.

Production of white aluminum oxide abrasive tools also requires mixing, forming, firing, processing, inspection and other processes. The main contents are: switching of the smelting furnace, power supply of the smelting furnace, ignition of carbon monoxide, and handling of abnormal phenomena. Smelting furnace switching refers to the operation of smelting another furnace after the power is supplied to the furnace. This emery abrasive method is simple and easy, and the cost is low, but the furnace switching time is slightly longer.

(high quality white fused alumina suppliers in italy)Electrical connection mechanism; the installed movable furnace is in place; remove the dirt at the copper (brown fused aluminum oxide) plate connection of the electrical connection mechanism; connect the electrical furnace and the transformer with the electrical connection mechanism; connect the electrode cooling water. There are fused aluminium oxide several types of power connection mechanisms: the first is a cam power connection mechanism. 

The white fused alumina cam can be rotated 90 ° to raise the convex surface by about 10mm, and the two bus bars are pressed with a force. The second is a screw power connection mechanism. The bus bar with soft copper wire is inserted under the pressure plate, and the two screws are compressed by rotating the screw. The third is the earth connection. That is, the bus bar of the furnace and the transformer is connected with a copper (white alumina powder) plate.

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