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High Quality White Fused Alumina Suppliers In UK

In this process, aluminum oxide grit is added to the water, and the temperature is kept at about 100 ℃ because the calcium oxide contained in it reacts with water to release heat. In this environment, the trace metal aluminum contained in the aluminum ash is oxidized to alumina, and the ammonia contained in the white fused alumina price is dissolved in the water to be removed.

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The calcium hydroxide generated by calcium oxide and water reacts with brown fused alumina price to form calcium silicate which adheres to the surface of calcium hydroxide. After combining, the volume becomes larger and the density becomes smaller. The energy consumption is reduced; Then, it can be removed by rinsing, so as to reduce the content of silicon oxide and calcium oxide.(high quality white fused alumina suppliers in uk)

In this way, not only the black aluminum oxide temperature during smelting (1700-1800 ℃ can be smelted, which is far lower than the requirement of 2000 ℃ during conventional smelting), but also the smelting time (about 6-8h can be smelted), reducing the energy consumption. After the aluminum ash is filtered out by the vacuum filter, it becomes the reducing agent in the smelting process, not only does not need to add carbon in the pink alumina smelting process, but also reduces the carbon content of impurities to prevent free carbon.

(high quality white fused alumina suppliers in uk)Moreover, due to the reduction of the content of impurity silicon oxide, the toughness of white fused alumina finally produced is reduced Increase; At the same time, only after a period of time under the above-mentioned temperature conditions can the free carbon contained in the aluminum ash escape from the interior of the black aluminium oxide through the channel of ammonia emission and stick on the surface of the aluminum ash.

Foaming caused by oxidation to gas at high temperature. Proper prolongation of pink aluminum oxide placing time and addition of stirring operation during placing can make free carbon escape more thoroughly; as the content of silicon oxide in raw aluminum ash is reduced, the amount of iron filings added during smelting is also relatively reduced, so that the amount of iron remaining in the product brown fused aluminium oxide is reduced, and the strength of brown corundum is increased.

(high quality white fused alumina suppliers in uk)In this process, the white aluminum oxide filtered by vacuum filter needs to be dried, so that the aluminum ash can be fully dispersed without agglomeration during smelting, and the free carbon on its surface can fully participate in the reaction. The water flow should not be too fast during rinsing to prevent a large amount of free carbon from being washed away. Experiments show that the pink aluminium oxide water flow speed is suitable for 3-6M / min.

Compared with the prior art, the process has the following advantages: because the aluminum oxide abrasive is treated and reused by the above method, the ammonia in the aluminum ash is removed, the corrosion of the equipment is prevented, and the free carbon inside the aluminum ash is transferred and attached to the surface of the black aluminum oxide media as a reducing agent to participate in the reaction, avoiding the introduction of foreign carbon sources.(high quality white fused alumina suppliers in uk)

At the same time, the alumina content in the white corundum product is increased to 96.5%, silicon content is 0.95%, iron content is 0.03%, titanium content is 1.65%, which greatly improves the toughness and wear resistance, strength and hardness of brown corundum; due to the reduction of impurities in aluminum ash, especially the content of silicon oxide and calcium oxide, the smelting temperature is reduced to 1700-1800 ℃, and the 180 grit aluminum oxide smelting time is correspondingly reduced (about 6-8h).

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