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This phenomenon needs further analysis and discussion(glass bead blasting media suppliers). According to the adhesion theory of Smith et al., the strength of fine adhesion depends on the density of dry free electrons. The outer valence electrons of the gold chip atom are separated from each atom and shared by the whole metal. Bowden et al. These common electrons no longer belong to a specific metal atom(chrome alumina). The following is a brief introduction.

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Since the density of free electrons at the interface is related to the concentration of electrons in the dual parts(garnet suppliers), in addition to the above-mentioned metal bond structure, the space characteristics of free electrons at the interface (such as orbital characteristics) should be considered(white alumina powder). The true fusion area is about w / O, where a is the bending strength of metal. They can move through the whole metal to form an electron gas.(high quality white fused aluminum oxide suppliers usa)

The relationship between adhesion coefficient and hardness of various metals is studied by compression torsion method under normal atmospheric conditions(garnet abrasive). It is considered that the adhesion strength of the same kind of metals should be arranged according to their positions in the periodic table of elements, that is, from left to right, in the order of transition metal elements(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), responsibility metal elements and family metal elements.

(high quality white fused aluminum oxide suppliers usa)For friction pairs made of dissimilar metals(silicon carbide price), more factors must be considered, such as Fermi energy level difference of friction parts, electronic work, electron density and electronic energy state structure. However, the actual situation shows that the adhesion phenomenon is also affected by many macro effects, such as surface elastic stress, surface structure and characteristics(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Carefully studied the adhesion between pure metals in 1956.

In most of the experiments, they used a known force to press a hemisphere on a plane(brown fused aluminum oxide), and they found that most pure metals would stick to each other very tightly, and then they would move away from the force that held them apart. If the force applied in high vacuum is w, the contact zone should be deformed(corundum abrasive). The adhesion phenomenon of friction surface is mainly the result of the binding force of atoms and molecules on the interface.(high quality white fused aluminum oxide suppliers usa)

According to the general vertebrae measurement, there will be similar strength at the interface with the whole(white corundum). Therefore, the pulling process should be about the reverse process of bonding, so that the adhesion force should be about the same as w. However, their actual t value is much smaller. Bowden and others attribute this phenomenon to the release of ten elastic stresses(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). Figure 6. L is a schematic diagram of this situation.

(high quality white fused aluminum oxide suppliers usa)Strong adhesion can also be formed between metals with poor miscibility(white aluminum oxide). The general Archard transverse K is a multivariable function value. Even under the conditions of the same material, load and sliding distance, the wear loss may change due to different values(steel grid). There are many factors that affect the value, among which the friction type, lubrication, friction temperature, sliding speed and other factors have a greater impact.

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