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After years of development, Shengli Oilfield has now reached the middle and late stages(fused alumina). With the increase in water content of oil wells, the proportion of oil well maintenance work caused by abrasion has increased sharply, and there is a gradual upward trend(white fused alumina oxide mfg). The number of abandoned wells, workover wells, and operating wells caused by abrasion of rod pump wells is increasing year by year, thereby making it invalid.

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Abrasion is the general term for the interaction of wear and corrosion(arc fused alumina). The problem of eccentric wear of sucker rods is essentially a problem of erosion. The sucker rod was scrapped prematurely due to the abrasion of the oil well, which caused a sharp increase in the input of manpower and material resources and caused serious waste(steel grid). Therefore, in addition to corrosion problems, the sucker rod is also accompanied by wear during use.(hot sale alumina company in usa)

Analyze the main factors affecting the eccentric wear of oil wells(white fused alumina). Failures caused by various types of corrosion and wear often occur on the surface of materials and their components. In order to prevent parts that work under corrosive media, high pressure, heavy loads and other conditions, the entire parts will be scrapped due to partial damage to the surface and improve the reliability of the parts(garnet suppliers). Performance and prolong service life.

(hot sale alumina company in usa)The main failure mode of sucker rod is corrosion fatigue fracture(white aluminum oxide). For example, the dissolved oxygen content of decomposed water in the well fluid produced by Shengli Oil Production Plant reaches 0.02~0.12mg/L; the content of sulfate-reducing bacteria reaches 10-104/mg, and the total salinity reaches 10000-30000mg/L; some as high as 10%(brown fused alumina factory); 55% of the sucker rods in the well have obvious corrosion morphology.

With the development of related science and technology and the needs of modern industrial development(white corundum), the content of CO2 in natural gas Between 0.2% and 2%, material surface technology has become an important part and development direction of industrial development in the 21st century(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Diffusion plating technology is an important part of surface material science and one of the important methods of surface strengthening.

It can endow metal surfaces with excellent performance, such as high temperature oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance(silicon carbide price). Materials and their components fail and become scrap due to corrosion and wear, resulting in an alarming consumption of energy and materials(garnet abrasive). According to investigations and statistics, the combination of corrosion and wear is more harmful than simple corrosion or wear.(hot sale alumina company in usa)

Therefore, the current situation of abrasion in oil wells in Shengli Oilfield should be grasped(green carborundum). Under service conditions, after the high content of Cr and S ions in the oil well interact with the surface of the sucker rod, the surface will first cause corrosion cracks on the surface(glass beads supplier). Under the action of the subsequent tensile alternating load, Fatigue growth of the cracks will eventually lead to the fatigue fracture of the sucker rod.

(hot sale alumina company in usa)The reason is that wear will remove the corrosion inhibitor on the surface of the equipment, thereby accelerating the wear of the corroded surface, causing equipment failure or even shutdown(silicon carbide companies). Oil well production has fallen. In recent years, due to the increase in water content in well fluids, in order to stabilize crude oil production, it is necessary to increase pump strokes(black oxide aluminum), which further aggravates the wear of sucker rods.

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