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Hot Sale Aluminium Oxide Manufacturers Turkey

The second chapter is about the cleaning of micro valves(120 grit aluminum oxide). Therefore, it is necessary to remove the moisture in the board surface and holes to ensure the firm combination of the dry film and the board. The coating process is completed by the pressure of hot pressing roller and the role of adhesive in photoresist layer(black silicon carbide powder). Whether it is continuous or single paste in the film, we should master the film pressure, film temperature and film transmission speed.

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Whether the treated plate surface is clean or not should be checked(1200 grit aluminum oxide). After the cleaning treatment of the plate surface, it is qualified that the continuous water film on the whole plate surface can be kept for 30 s without breaking. The clean substrate should be pasted immediately after drying. If the film can not be pasted for some reason, it should be cleaned again after 4 hours(green silicon carbide powder). The thorough drying treatment before film sticking is very important.

(hot sale aluminium oxide manufacturers turkey)Pay attention to the alignment of the dry film on the upper and lower dry film feeding rollers(steel shot abrasive). The effect of nylon is mild, and the connection between the surface and the hole will not be damaged. One of the problems that should be paid attention to here is the drying treatment after cleaning(carborundum abrasives). If the drying is not complete, the residual moisture on the board surface is often one of the reasons for the sand heel or the film sticking is not firm.

Before baking, a large amount of water is usually removed by physical methods, such as drying with dry and clean compressed air(glass bead abrasive), or wiping the surface with clean ten towels, and then drying in a hot oven at about 100 ℃ for 10 min ~ 15 min. if the excess moisture on the steel surface is not removed before drying, the steel surface is easy to prevent corrosion during high temperature drying(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The film can be pasted continuously or individually.(hot sale aluminium oxide manufacturers turkey)

When pasting the film, the polyethylene film is peeled off from the film(garnet abrasive price), and then the dry film photoresist layer is pasted on the steel box surface under heating and pressure. The photoresist layer in the dry film becomes soft after being heated, and its fluidity increases. The film pasting process is usually completed on the film machine, there are many models of film machine, but the basic structure is roughly the same(silicon carbide grit). The simple test method is water film rupture test.

(hot sale aluminium oxide manufacturers turkey)When the sheet is pasted, the size of the film should not be larger than the plate surface to prevent the corrosion inhibitor from sticking to the hot pressing roller(brown fused alumina). Continuous film production efficiency is high, suitable for mass production; small batch production can use single film method to reduce the waste of ten films(100 grit aluminum oxide). The pressure should be adjusted according to the thickness of the substrate to make the dry film easy to stick, stick firmly and not wrinkle.

For the newly installed laminating machine(glass beads manufacturers), the upper and lower hot pressing rollers should be adjusted to be parallel in axial direction, and then the pressure should be adjusted by gradually increasing the pressure. The linear pressure should be 0.5kg/em-0.6kg/em. After adjusting the pressure, it can be fixed and used without frequent adjustment(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). According to the type, performance, ambient temperature and humidity of the dry film, it is slightly different.

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