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This shrinkage is easy to produce harmful stress in the drying process(aluminum oxide abrasive), which is caused by the rapid evaporation of moisture on the wet surface and the difficulty in the internal moisture diffusion. When the stress is greater than the green body strength, it will lead to the green body cracking(100 grit aluminum oxide media). This is due to a series of physical and chemical changes during the sintering process and the liquid phase filling in some pores.

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Under the action of surface strength, the apparent specific gravity increases and the volume decreases(aluminum oxide grit). Appropriate measures should be taken to prevent it. More use of red mud backwater. The refractoriness of kaolin is generally between 1740-1770 ℃. The FeO content of dry soil should be controlled below 1% and no more than 1.5% at most(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Ceramic abrasives are fired in oxidizing atmosphere.(hot sale aluminium oxide wholesale suppliers spain)

The method to determine the fire resistance is to make the test material into the shape of a standard triangular cone(brown fused alumina), put it into the heating furnace, and then heat it at a certain heating rate. As the material gradually melts, the triangle cone gradually bends under the action of its own weight(glass beads manufacturers). When the cone top is bent and touches the cone bottom plane, the temperature is the refractoriness of the material.

(hot sale aluminium oxide wholesale suppliers spain)The fire resistance of clay mainly depends on its chemical composition(brown aluminum oxide), which is usually judged by the ratio of A12O3 / SiO2 in the chemical composition of clay. For example, clay containing 12% Cao and 8% Fe2O3 has the same color as the other one containing only 2% Fe2O3 without Cao and MgO(garnet abrasive price). Clay in the calcination will also produce a certain volume shrinkage called sintering shrinkage.

In order to control the product quality(brown aluminium oxide), when A12O3 + SiO2 = 100% in A12O3 clay, the percentage content of A12O3 in RO clay is 100%, and the percentage content of other impurity oxides (such as Fe2O3, Na2O, Mg0, K2O, etc.) brought into the refractory clay is higher than 1580 ℃, insert it on the clay table, the refractory clay is between 1300 ~ 1580 ℃(glass bead abrasive), and the refractory clay is lower than 1300 ℃.(hot sale aluminium oxide wholesale suppliers spain)

The raw materials with fire resistance higher than 2000 ℃ are called high refractory raw materials(silicon carbide price). Due to the existence of organic matter and other impurity minerals, clay is colored into various colors, such as gray, light gray, yellow, brown, purple, green, black, etc. In most cases, it is difficult to determine in advance what color the natural clay will be(steel shot abrasive). Fe and Ti compounds have the greatest influence on the color of clay after burning.

(hot sale aluminium oxide wholesale suppliers spain)TiO2 can make the clay appear blue gray after burning(green carborundum), but the coloring effect of TiO2 is greatly weakened when alkali metal and alkaline earth metal oxides exist and are melted in oxidizing atmosphere. Otherwise, the color of the abrasives will turn red and yellow, which will hinder the commercialization of products(180 grit aluminum oxide). If the sintering shrinkage is too large, it is easy to produce large stress, which will lead to product cracking.

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