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In order to eliminate the air bubbles in the degreasing ink, the ink should be left for a period of time after it is adjusted(white aluminium oxide blasting media). At the same time, the defoamer is added to the oil storm. The addition amount is generally 0.3%~1%. There are commercially available silicon defoamers as defoamers, and n-butanol can also be added(46 grit aluminum oxide blast media). If the wire mesh is diagonally stretched, it can help with this diversion trend and make the edge dam effect better.

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The lower the number of screen meshes used for filtration, the worse the defoaming effect(aluminum oxide blasting grit). Sticky screen means that the printing plate and the parts cannot be separated or the separation is poor after silk printing. These faults can be found if carefully checked before the silk screen, and can be repaired at the same time(white aluminum oxide crystals). The ink is too thick and the screen printing pressure is too high, which causes the ink to be printed too thick and cause sticking.(hot sale aluminum oxide manufacturers netherlands)

The sticking of the screen makes the screen printing difficult to proceed normally, and at the same time, the surface of the picture and text after the screen printing is not full, forming fine pinholes(brown fused alumina micropowder). The main reasons for the sticking of the screen are as follows: the tension of the screen plate is not enough, resulting in poor separation of the screen plate and the parts(white aluminium oxide grit). So pay attention to the cleanliness of the screen printing workshop, and wear fine gauze gloves during the delivery process.

After the oil is adjusted, filtering with a 300 mesh screen can effectively eliminate air bubbles(white fused aluminum oxide refractory). The distance between the screen and the part is too close, especially when screen printing large graphics, there should be enough distance between the screen and the part to ensure the normal separation of the screen and the part(white aluminum oxide rubbing compound). Environmental dust and dirt, hand grease, hand sweat and other contaminated parts surface during transportation can cause pinholes.

(hot sale aluminum oxide manufacturers netherlands)The first use of photochemical image-text transfer technology was in the 1820s, the daylight offset copy technology discovered by Frenchman Niepce through experiments(brown fused alumina). The leakage of the above-mentioned oil will affect the reproducibility of the silk screen graphics and degrade the quality of graphics and text printing(brown aluminum oxide sand). Paste between narrow graphics and text: This is the most common situation in printing fine and high-density graphics.

In silk screen printing, you can also wipe the surface of the part with a clean silk cloth before silk screen printing(white fused alumina abrasives). The clear outline of the screen graphics and text is an important prerequisite for ensuring the clarity of the screen printing graphics(aluminium oxide material for blasting). Generally, a thick photosensitive layer is easy to obtain images with clear edges and contours, which is not difficult to achieve with modern photosensitive materials and photosensitive technology, and add a tackifier if necessary.

The key to photographic anti-corrosion technology is photochemical image-text transfer technology(white corundum price). More importantly, the surface of the part must be close to the edge of the screen graphic, so the following points should be done: The scraper must have enough pressure to make the screen film and the surface of the part close(white aluminium oxide powder). The screen film should have appropriate thickness and elasticity so that it can be easily attached to the surface of the substrate.(hot sale aluminum oxide manufacturers netherlands)

Adjust the viscosity of the ink to limit the range of the ink bleeding zone(brown alumina abrasive). For example, in the processing of printed circuit boards, the dam effect on the edge of the line when the line direction is the same as the squeegee movement direction can prevent ink seepage, so that the screen plate does not have enough elastic recovery(brown aluminum oxide grit), but the weft of the screen will become the antibody in contact with the flow to cause the ink to diverge and rush to the edge dam.

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