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After power on, the voltage is not less than 175 volts(white aluminum oxide 220 grit). The current is not less than 50 amps, and it is increased by 40 to 50 amps every 3 to 5 minutes until it reaches the required value. The cooling temperature of each component is controlled as follows, and the liquid level of each device should also be controlled at a prescribed height(black silicon carbide suppliers). For floating gas plates, check the movement of the pulley.

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The maximum voltage is ≤230 volts(fused alumina). After the power is turned on, the same voltage test of the pole piece should be carried out to see if the electrolysis chambers are the same. If there is a high or low situation, the power supply should be stopped immediately. After the power is turned on in time, the scrubber should be cooled with water(brown fused alumina grit). When the temperature reaches 70~75°C, the separator is fed with cooling water.(hot sale aluminum oxide polish company ukraine)

It is required to reach the gas geography, HL>00.6%O1>99.2%(arc fused alumina). The gas that has not reached the purity cannot be sent to the gas storage, but can only be emptied. The gas with qualified purity shall be sent to the ammonia gas-passing gas storage, and the gas pressure shall be adjusted to make it balanced(white aluminum oxide 120 grit). Before use, the air foot should be tested with a pressure of 1.5 kg/cm to retrieve the air tightness of the air reservoir.

(hot sale aluminum oxide polish company ukraine)The gas reservoir must be flushed with nitrogen several times until the analysis is free of oxygen(white fused alumina). First put the alkaline solution in the electrolytic cell back into the storage tank, and then rinse with water.  The lye changes its composition due to absorption of CO by contact with air(brown aluminum oxide blast media). Then, after steaming, when the water ancestor rises to 100°C, keep it for two hours and then release all the water.

The gas in the gas storage should maintain a certain storage capacity when used(white aluminum oxide). When you stop using electrolytic equipment, you must also follow certain steps. First, gradually reduce the current density chamber by 50 amps. In order to prevent the M film from often falling from the tomb of the liquid west(brown fused alumina for grinding), and mixing the hydrogen and oxygen, the lye must be gradually added to maintain a certain level.

Open the vent valve and close the inlet valve at the same time(white corundum). Cut off the current, open the separator's vent valve, and close all the cooling water, because the gas generation decreases when the current density is reduced, and the liquid level in the Liu and the separator drops. Five minutes after power-on, the gas geography can be analyzed(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). It must be cleaned and cooked for a specified period, usually every 3 to 8 months.(hot sale aluminum oxide polish company ukraine)

After cooking, rinse with deionized water until no dirt is discharged(silicon carbide price). First of all, after using the electrolytic horizontally for a period of time, it is due to electrochemical action and magnetic leakage. Therefore, add deionized water to the specified height, and then pass the 2 kg/Lixing pressure water reservoir gas for about 10 hours(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit). When the electrolytic cell is cooled to 40°C, add deionized water for the second steaming.

(hot sale aluminum oxide polish company ukraine)After the electrolysis itself cools, the tank can be clamped and tested for air tightness until it does not leak out(green carborundum). After the use of Chengye for a long time, the content of Qin will increase, and the electrochemical pollution of the electrolytic cell will also increase(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). In order to reduce the electrochemical pollution, potassium dibasic acid must be added to the liquid. weight. More can be done for the third time.

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