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Hot Sale Black Fused Alumina Suppliers Germany

Its basic function is to store charge, provide reactive power and save useful power(carborundum grit suppliers). In general, the capacitor is named after the material of electrolyte(brown fused alumina mesh size F46). The harmonic wave of power grid causes the pollution of power grid and the distortion of sinusoidal voltage waveform, which causes many abnormal phenomena and faults in the power system. 

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Domestic capacitor brands mainly include: Xi Rong, Cooper, GUI Rong(white aluminium oxide powder). Each set of filter compensation device is equipped with three branches (5, 7, 11 times and high pass), and each branch is required to be equipped with overvoltage damping device. The capacitor adopts double star connection(fused aluminum oxide), and the neutral point unbalanced current transformer is set. Performance and selection of harmonic control equipment components.

(hot sale black fused alumina suppliers germany)Aluminum electrolysis plant usually uses filter device to control the harmonic generated by rectifier equipment(green silicon carbide powder). The filter device is mainly composed of capacitor, reactor, discharge coil, arrester and switch equipment. Capacitor is one of the basic components in the electrolytic filter device(30 grit aluminum oxide). The capacitor must be able to withstand the short-circuit discharge caused by external fault under the allowable operating voltage.

At the same time, according to the site technical requirements and design principles(white aluminum oxide grit), the filtering device should achieve the following functions: absorb the harmonic current generated by the harmonic source equipment (aluminum plant rectifier equipment)(pink alumina), make the harmonic current and harmonic voltage injected into the power grid meet the relevant requirements of GB / T14549-93 power quality harmonics of public power grid.(hot sale black fused alumina suppliers germany)

Full film dielectric design field strength ≤ 48kv / mm (made in China)(carborundum powder); partial discharge extinction voltage, after pressurizing at room temperature to the beginning of partial discharge, lasts for 1s, depressurizes to 1.35 times of rated voltage for 10min, and then increases to 1.6 times of rated voltage for 10min(brown corundum powder). The grounding terminal and capacitor shall have the terminal for grounding the shell or fixing the potential.

(hot sale black fused alumina suppliers germany)So the steady current effect is obvious, a variety of control methods are simple, convenient(aluminium oxide abrasive grit), large amount of storage information, and sometimes the system runs safely, stably and reliably. It should be ensured that the filter capacitor will not be broken down by superimposed voltage(180 grit aluminum oxide), and the time interval between switching off the filter switch and putting it into operation again should be more than 3 minutes.

The temperature coefficient of the capacitor is not more than - 5.0 × 10 / K(alumina polishing powder). the capacitor bracket is insulated installation, and the bracket and fasteners are required to be hot-dip galvanized; and after putting the filtering equipment into operation, the electrical strength of the dielectric(46 grit aluminum oxide), and the dielectric between the capacitor terminals must be able to withstand the power frequency AC voltage of 2.15un for 10s.(hot sale black fused alumina suppliers germany)

At the same time, pay attention to the technical requirements of capacitor selection: the deviation of measured capacitance of each capacitor is less than or equal to ± 3%(alumina abrasive), the ratio of maximum capacitance to minimum capacitance of each filter branch is less than or equal to 1%, and the tangent value of loss angle is less than or equal to 0.0003 (at 20 ℃)(green silicon carbide suppliers); at this time, there should be no obvious partial discharge.

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