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Hot Sale Brown Fused Alumina Powder Producers Thailand

In production(aluminum oxide abrasive), the following measures should be taken to improve the temperature of the stock solution: changing the semen by decomposition plate, forbidding the bypass of mother liquor; reducing the dissolution, sedimentation and decomposition of raw water into the process, and increase the static head of the pump, and increasing the concentration of the original solution(low density white alumina). Reduce the extent to which the concentration of the solution is diluted.

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The raw material workshop should organize the ore blending work in strict accordance with the requirements of the factory(green carborundum). By improving the circulation efficiency, energy consumption is reduced on the basis of increasing alumina production capacity, which is the main index of reducing energy consumption(aluminium oxide polishing powder). Ensure the washing effect and reduce the content of sodium oxide in A12O3, otherwise the workshop shall be held responsible.

(hot sale brown fused alumina powder producers thailand)The G (or kg) of alumina produced by 1 L (or 1 m3) circulating mother liquor in one operation cycle is called Bayer process circulation efficiency(brown fused alumina). The improvement of circulation efficiency means that more alumina can be produced by using unit volume of circulating mother liquor. In this way, the equipment capacity is increased according to the example(glass bead abrasive), and the cost of treating solution and various unit consumption are reduced proportionally.

In order to improve the circulation efficiency, the following measures should be taken(brown aluminum oxide): uniform ore blending, stable digestion temperature, low temperature control of digestion solution AK (1.35-1.45), stable digestion liquid alumina concentration no less than 180g / 1(alumina polishing powder); normal production control should be strictly carried out in accordance with the operation regulations to reduce power consumption, the change amount of the original liquid and the buffer volume.

The other measures are as follows(brown aluminium oxide): the lower the preheating temperature, the more heat needed to reach the same dissolution temperature, and the greater the consumption of live steam; ensure the stable and even alkali distribution amount of evaporation, and supplement the liquid alkali reference by evaporation every day(garnet abrasive price); Stable plate change operation, strictly control the first temperature of decomposition, do not open more intermediate cooling.(hot sale brown fused alumina powder producers thailand)

Reasonably and stably control the first temperature of decomposition, increase the decomposition rate above 49%(white alumina), ensure the production rate, and appropriately increase the seed fraction mother liquor AK; try to reduce the floating matter in the seed fraction mother liquor, timely switch the standby vertical disk or replace the damaged filter cloth and 0-ring when exceeding the standard(silicon carbide abrasive powder), and strengthen the discharging times of the conical mother liquor tank.

(hot sale brown fused alumina powder producers thailand)There are many evaporation pump equipment(black corundum), and the actual production / production days of the month / 24 · the planned alkali consumption of the current month / 1000 / the percentage concentration of supplementary liquid alkali / the specific gravity of liquid alkali, the volume of alkali supplement per hour can be calculated; under special circumstances(steel shot abrasive), the adjustment is made according to the total amount of the original liquid. 

The alkali distribution quantity of evaporation workshop shall be carried out in strict accordance with the dispatching order(silicon carbide price), and the temporary alkali distribution change in the workshop shall be approved by the on duty dispatcher. The safety and Technology Department of the branch plant arranges the production scientifically and reasonably(glass beads manufacturers), and it is strictly forbidden to have the phenomenon of repeated turnover of materials.(hot sale brown fused alumina powder producers thailand)

All workshops shall do a good job in the scab inspection and alkali boiling of all kinds of conveying pipelines and equipment to ensure that the pipelines are unblocked(pink corundum), and the slurry transmission resistance is increased due to scab, which leads to the increase of power consumption; it is better to maintain high liquid level in all kinds of tanks in each workshop(aluminum oxide grit), so as to increase the dynamic pressure head at the pump outlet, so as to reduce the power consumption. 

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