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Hot Sale Calcined Alumina Manufacturers China

The cuidu of baobang is negative(garnet abrasive), which indicates not only the protection of the gang and the hollowing out, but also the storage clan block or the read-out silicon block has been subject to tax and oxidative stripping. If molten mesh bar is detected on the same electrolyzer during operation, add aluminum samples for testing(white alumina powder), the wrong stop can be arranged according to the situation.

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It is very important to determine and deal with the broken dextrin at the first time(aluminum oxide abrasive). At this point, from some evidence and furnace acid inspection can be judged. The temperature of the pole steel bar is the key point in the management of the old static bath. 299 ℃ is the upper limit(garnet suppliers). This method should be carried out in stages When the quality of the cap is improved, it shows that the sale and supplement are effective.(hot sale calcined alumina manufacturers china)

Generally, if the temperature of a group of cathode steel bar head is higher than 280 ℃, the monitoring test should be strengthened(silicon carbide abrasive). The electrolytic cell is not stopped to overhaul immediately after the detection of breakage. It is necessary to actively take measures to do a good job in the repair and maintenance of the broken(white aluminum oxide 120 grit). It is of great significance to prolong the life span and improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

(hot sale calcined alumina manufacturers china)For Yin warm cracks or erosion resistance, find out the installation position, and make the repair block with magnesia and bottom protection sink(aluminum oxide grit). The magnesia density is high, and it is not easy to be eroded and melted by liquid. It is an ideal repair material. The maintenance time of sinking machine in the protection energy is relatively long(aluminum oxide abrasive media). The eye closure repair of the two has certain effect on the damaged position.

The above three methods are more practical methods to determine the current production, and there are also the distribution of testing cathode(green silicon carbide). For the location of the broken machine, the high-grade liquid directly contacts the steel plate, so it is difficult to build a new one with carbon block foundation(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). No matter the bottom and side, the damaged position should be repaired to maintain the service life of the groove.(hot sale calcined alumina manufacturers china)

When the temperature of cathode steel bar head is high, the cutting off of cathode steel bar is direct(synthetic corundum). With the base of cathode steel, the melting point is closer to the barrier making opening, and the temperature of the bright pole steel bar will increase continuously(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). When the temperature is above 300 ℃, the temperature of this group of steel bars is higher than that of the adjacent steel bars by more than 40 ℃.

(hot sale calcined alumina manufacturers china)The temperature of the pole pin head increased gradually(black silicon carbide). In this case, the first shell should be forced to cool down with high-pressure air, and the temperature of the determined terminal steel row should be reduced to below 200 ℃. The "three temperature" means the temperature of the hot window of the electrolytic cotton(corundum abrasive), such as the temperature of the steel plate and the temperature of the copper rod head.

Because the high temperature of gas cutting will promote the melting of steel, the forced air blowing should be carried out before cutting(emery abrasive). After cutting off the cathode and stripping the rod, strengthen the repair of carbon point at this position every day, and observe the change of iron content(aluminium oxide sandblasting). It can be determined that the pin strip has been melted. In order to ensure the full operation of electrolysis plant.(hot sale calcined alumina manufacturers china)

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