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After the galvanized workpiece enters the zinc recovery tank, the domestic water is calculated as 100/person·d, it is allowed to stand for a period of time(green carborundum). The zinc-containing plating solution carried on the surface of the workpiece will drip into the zinc recovery tank under the action of gravity. The recovery tank is not drained(white fused alumina micro powder). There is an inlet pipe and an outlet pipe on the filter, which are respectively connected to the electroplating tank.

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All the clear liquid flows back to the galvanizing tank for reuse, and the slag is delivered as hazardous waste to the electroplating center wastewater treatment station(brown fused alumina). This project is equipped with one filter for every six galvanizing tanks. The electroplating process includes pre-plating pretreatment, electroplating, post-plating treatment and other sections(silicon carbide companies). Its construction period is mainly the installation of workshop anti-seepage engineering and production equipment.

(hot sale carborundum powder wholesale suppliers romania)The design of the fully automatic gantry type roll galvanizing production line is(brown aluminum oxide) 300d/a×l6h/d×60min/h×16 (number of workpieces that can be galvanized at the same time) ÷ 20min/beat (galvanizing time of each workpiece) ×(0.8-1.6)m/beat (batch)~276,000m2/a(arc fused alumina). The thickness of the zinc coating in this production line is generally 8-12um, which is slightly adjusted according to the device conditions and requirements, a total of two filters.

Including chemical degreasing and washing, electric deoiling and washing, pickling and washing, acid neutralization and washing and other processes(brown aluminium oxide). It is mainly used to filter the galvanizing bath liquid. The electroplating tank bath liquid enters the filter through the inlet pipe and then enters the electroplating tank from the outlet pipe as long as The production line is in production(black oxide aluminum), and the filter has been circulating the plating bath.

The electrogalvanizing bath liquid is not replaced, and it is readjusted once a year(brown fused alumina price). The electrogalvanizing bath liquid is pumped into another empty tank, and is re-adjusted according to the electrogalvanizing bath liquid formula. The salvaged bath slag is sent to the electroplating center as hazardous waste deal with(fused alumina). The factory building where the project is located is responsible for the construction of the park and has been completed.(hot sale carborundum powder wholesale suppliers romania)

The construction period is short and the impact on the surrounding environment is small(white alumina). The main sources of atmospheric pollution during construction are dust and exhaust gas. Dust refers to the sand dust generated during construction and transportation of building materials(glass beads supplier). The preparation process of the electroplating bath can refer to the preparation process of the bath of the vertical lifting and galvanizing production line.

(hot sale carborundum powder wholesale suppliers romania)The sources of atmospheric pollution during the construction phase of the project mainly come from construction waste handling(black aluminum oxide), dust from open yards and exposed sites: automobile exhaust generated by construction material transportation vehicles, etc. A small amount of construction wastewater will be generated during the construction period(silicon carbide grinding), and the main wastewater is the domestic wastewater of construction workers.

There are about 10 construction workers in this project(pink aluminum oxide), and the domestic sewage is calculated as 80% of the water consumption, then the domestic sewage discharge is 0.8m/d, the main pollutants are COD, BOD and petroleum Classes, etc., are discharged into the Wuhu County Sewage Treatment Plant after being treated by the septic tank in the plant area(brown aluminum oxide 120 grit blast media), and will not cause serious impact on the surrounding water bodies. 

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