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Ensure that the hydrogen and oxygen are fully mixed and burned, and the powder can pass through the burner smoothly(brown aluminum oxide sand). The burner is the second important key part of the sintering machine. The feeding system ensures that the powder is evenly dropped and provides raw materials for crystal growth(white fused alumina make company). The role of the burner is to ensure that the hydrogen and oxygen are fully mixed and burned to produce high temperature and sufficient heat.

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The burner can also provide a flame shape that is conducive to crystal growth and an opening angle for powder scattering(aluminium oxide material for blasting). The flame melting crystal growth device has the following requirements for the burner. Under the trade-off, it is appropriate to select the inner cone angle of the oxygen mouth to be about 50, and the outer cone angle to be about 60°(white aluminum oxide sand). The speed ratio is larger, the shorter the distance of complete mixing, that is, insufficient mixing.

(hot sale low soda alumina suppliers malaysia)The upper end of the inner tube is connected to the dimension part of the outer hopper, and the lower end is connected to the nozzle(green carborundum). These two junctions are post positions where powders are easy to accumulate. When the intersection angle is below 30*, it is greatly affected by the airflow velocity(white aluminum oxide non-skid grit). The mixing intensity of the two concentric gas streams has nothing to do with the absolute value of the two gas streams, but only the ratio of their velocities.

The structure is simple and practical, which is convenient for installation and replacement(white fused alumina). The internal diameter of the combined chamber mainly depends on the diameter of the dry oxygen injection outlet and the total interception of the peripheral hydrogen outlet(brown fused alumina bfa grade a manufaturer). The former determines the opening angle of the oxygen sight and the standard material, the latter only increases the angle of intersection between the hydrogen flow and the oxygen flow.(hot sale low soda alumina suppliers malaysia)

At the same time, the shape and size of the yellow spray have a great influence on the opening angle of the powder and the shape of the flame(fused alumina). The nozzle of the SIZ sintering machine is designed through long-term practice and exploration, and is suitable for the growth of single products of red and self-color corundum for industrial use(46 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Practice has proved that the angle between the inner dimension bus is 50 and the outer dimension is 80, which affects the growth of the product.

(hot sale low soda alumina suppliers malaysia)How much is also affected by the speed of the air flow(white aluminum oxide). found in practice that when the taper of the inner hole of your mouth is too large, the powder is scattered and wasted, the flame diffusion and the high temperature area are shortened; if it is too small, the flow of powder and oxygen is too concentrated(white aluminum oxide crystals). The temperature distribution that the flame wants to burn has a great relationship with the mixing process after the oxyhydrogen gas leaves the nozzle.

The straight and light outlet of the outer hopper is usually designed to be smaller than the diameter of the inner tube and calibrated(arc fused alumina). When the flame snake corundum body grows, the pressure at the hydrogen outlet is very small, and the washing is low. The ratio of the two velocities is large, and it is not suitable to adopt the mixing method of the two concentric air streams(white aluminium oxide grit). The mixing is relatively sufficient, and at the same time, the powder is not too dispersed.(hot sale low soda alumina suppliers malaysia)

When the airflow between the two halls has a certain intersection angle, the mixing process will accelerate(white corundum). But from another aspect, when the intersection angle is too large, the powder withdrawal angle is also large, the waste is serious, and it is difficult to expand the group(white aluminum oxide rubbing compound). After using such a nozzle, the oxygen lumen pressure is larger and the flow rate is faster; the mixing of hydrogen and oxygen depends mainly on the angle between the two air flows.

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