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However, the bath temperature of the paper pass will cause the cathode inner material to retract(chrome corundum). The cathode steel row will be away from the cathode carbon block, and the inner part of the cathode plate carbon exchange will also produce layer separation(brown aluminum oxide 120 grit blast media). At present, the cross liquid has infiltrated into the cathode steel, resulting in the dilute melting of the cathode steel.

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On the basis of oil penetration, the internal liquid electrolyte and barrier liquid will penetrate into the internal material of the fault section(silicon carbide 180 grit). The cathode carbon material has a certain degree of porosity, and the existing cathode cracks are found locally(aluminium oxide polishing compound). The lower part of the electrolyte can reach the position of the preventive material, and the chemical reaction will destroy the inner village tissue.

(hot sale sandblasting grit manufacturers panama)If there is aluminum mixed in the electrolyte on the surface of the court and there is cryolite(brown fused alumina manufacturer), the electrochemical reaction between the phase and the polar carbon exchange occurs and the hardening button is formed. The rigid micro surface will be fired along the central transport length direction(silicon carbide grinding), the bright pole steel rod will be arched, and the fine shell will change under the effect of this stress.

If the iron content rises rapidly and the anode steel claw melts and other substances that affect the quality of the liquid part enter(artificial corundum), it indicates that the cathode inner village of this electrolytic cotton has been seriously damaged. In addition, the cathode changes greatly in this case, which can not be observed(aluminum oxide polish). The normal brightness of the furnace side is 8-12cm, and the furnace belt is no more than 0 cm.(hot sale sandblasting grit manufacturers panama)

After the electrolytic phase is put into normal production, the temperature distribution in carbon has been fixed, and the penetration of sodium becomes slow(1200 grit aluminum oxide). After the electrolytic sugar is damaged, the fine liquid or high electrolyte cover melt acts on the paste breaking part, which makes the "three temperature" abnormally increase(white grain aluminum oxide a 220). First of all, according to Kang, the quality is stable in normal production.

(hot sale sandblasting grit manufacturers panama)In general, if the bottom steel plate outlet is not more than 100 ℃(white aluminum oxide abrasive), if the furnace bottom is broken, the electrolyte or both will reduce the infiltration, such as the bottom temperature will increase. The slight damage of some buildings was not obvious, but it turned into severe sensitive paste with the extension of time(white aluminum oxide lapping compound). Such repeated fluctuation will lead to the magnetic damage of the cathode inner material.

The maximum temperature can reach above 0 ℃. The picture shows sulfur simulacrum phenomenon in ammonia part(brown fused aluminium oxide). The steel plate in 460 ℃ measuring window will turn red. The breakage of the dance part can be found in the adjustment of the thickness of the furnace(white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit). At this time, the alarm temperature has been reached, and it must be handled in time to prevent the occurrence of fine furnace accident.(hot sale sandblasting grit manufacturers panama)

If the silicon content increases more and there is no effect of other impurities, it can be identified as the side of the fracture, it is caused by the side silicon carbide block falling off(aluminium oxide blasting). The picture shows the melting phenomenon of cathode steel array after stopping planting and protecting(aluminum oxide grit mesh size f16). If the temperature of sensitive heat window is not higher than 380 ℃, it means that the storage part has been broken.

(hot sale sandblasting grit manufacturers panama)There will be a certain frame light display if the damaged parts are detected by electrolysis(aluminium oxide grit suppliers). During pole changing, the operator should check the furnace bottom, slide the long frame on the bottom surface, especially check whether there is cathode crack, and check whether the silk part is in good condition with the short pin. besides(aluminum oxide powder). There is a phenomenon, which is calculated after the test.

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