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This kind of agglomerate is a loose solid structure composed of a large number of original solid particles of various sizes(green carborundum), and often contains many pores in which water is retained. The effect of alkali concentration on the decomposition rate has been studied. That is to say, the growth is based on the nucleation mechanism(white aluminium oxide super fine). Therefore, the induction period increases with the increase of concentration and slurry height. 

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The results show that, as Al (OH) 3 crystal is anisotropic, once the stirring is stopped, a constant interfacial sedimentation rate will appear soon(arc fused alumina). At medium concentration, the porosity of the agglomerates is the same as that at dilute concentration, but the size and quantity of agglomerates are larger(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). This requires a liquid channel with low flow resistance in the upward direction in the suspension. The micro mechanism of Al (OH) 3 crystal growth has been studied.

(hot sale silicon carbide grinding factory usa)Therefore, the density of flocs is lower than that of solid particles(white aluminium oxide), but the diameter of flocs is greatly increased, resulting in the settling velocity of flocs several orders of magnitude larger than that of single small particles. In the presence of flocs with density greater than or equal to liquid density, similar theories are used to reveal the accelerated settling of medium concentration suspensions(low sodium white fused alumina). A higher constant speed is achieved.

This can be seen in larger crystals, which can be demonstrated from the density and the viscosity of suspensions formed on the basis of medium concentration suspensions(brown fused aluminum oxide). After the mixing test stopped in the laboratory, the gel appeared in the suspension, followed by an "induced" period of T1(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting), during which the relatively low initial settling velocity gradually increased or gradually increased with time, and then increased.(hot sale silicon carbide grinding factory usa)

This velocity is higher than the predicted and predicted values from the settlement data within the dilution range, indicating that the two settlement patterns are different(brown fused alumina). Only when the resistance of relative movement between flocs and liquid is less than that of irregular and dispersed flocculated suspension, can a higher settling velocity be achieved(white aluminum oxide grit). After the stirring stops, the gradual formation of this structure leads to the induction period.

(hot sale silicon carbide grinding factory usa)This kind of floc makes the even settling suspension unstable rapidly and establishes a new stable flow pattern in the vertical flow formed(brown aluminum oxide). That is to say, due to the constant settling velocity, the stability of the vertical flow pattern appears. In the medium concentration, if a slight low-speed stirring is used instead of a static settling state(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh), the formation of the channel will be hindered, and the sedimentation rate at the interface will be kept at a low level.

Therefore, through the increase of particles, they are more likely to contact or bridge(brown aluminium oxide), and the three-dimensional interaction between particles is likely to be related to the formation of channel structure and the formation of flow channel between flocs. In the medium concentration range, the maximum stable settling velocity decreases with the increase of the concentration(white fused alumina for refractory), but decreases to a lesser extent compared with the slurry in the dilution range.

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