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The effect of sulfur is very significant(green carborundum). When sulfur is increased by 0.05%, the dissolution rate coefficient of nitrogen is reduced by about 50%. Since carbon and silicon significantly reduce the solubility of nitrogen in molten iron, the nitrogen content of cast iron is lower than that of steel. Nitrogen has a significant effect on the structure of cast iron(black oxide aluminum). Make the mechanical properties of cast iron reach a higher level.

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Some iron castings need to add ammonia to improve the structure and mechanical properties of cast iron(white fused alumina). In the arc zone of the electric arc furnace, the air is ionized at high temperature, which increases the partial pressure of nitrogen, and nitrogen enters the molten iron at a higher diffusion rate(silicon carbide companies). Transfer to the surface of the nucleation matrix can increase the number of effective graphite nuclei and promote the smooth growth of graphite.

(hot sale white corundum wholesale price pakistan)Before the molten iron solidifies(white aluminum oxide), a small amount of alloy additives (inoculants) are added to solidify the existing or newly added nucleation matrix in the molten iron to form carbon atom activation microdomains, and the high activity carbon atoms get rid of the tendency to form compounds with iron atoms(glass beads supplier). This technique of using specific foreign substances to promote graphitization of cast iron is called cast iron inoculation treatment.

High-quality high-strength gray cast iron should have fine and evenly distributed A-type graphite and fine pearlite matrix structure(alumina abrasive). In addition, and the austenite fully develops, the undissolved graphite particles in the molten iron are also considered to be an effective nucleation matrix(aluminium oxide abrasive grit). The inoculation process of cast iron is essentially a process of catalyzing the growth of graphite in molten iron with a higher tendency to supercooling.

This structure is usually found in cast irons with lower carbon equivalents(brown fused alumina price). However, the molten iron eutectic with this composition has a high degree of supercooling and is prone to white mouth. In this case, the implementation of inoculation treatment can achieve good results, which can not only avoid white mouth, but also obtain fine A-type graphite(arc fused alumina), and the mechanical properties of cast iron are significantly improved.(hot sale white corundum wholesale price pakistan)

The alloy additives added for the purpose of promoting graphitization are usually ferrosilicon and composite ferrosilicon containing some alkaline earth metals and rare earth elements(black aluminum oxide), which are usually called silicon-based inoculants. Some inoculants are appropriately added with pearlite stabilizing elements(white aluminum oxide grit), so that the inoculants expand from simply promoting graphitization to a composite function of graphitization and stable pearlite.

(hot sale white corundum wholesale price pakistan)Therefore, inoculation treatment is indispensable for low-alkali equivalent gray cast iron, spheroidal graphite cast iron with high eutectic undercooling, and some alloy cast irons(pink aluminum oxide). The use of this composite inoculant can not only play a role in the eutectic transition stage, but also play a role in the solid phase transition process, reducing the ferrite in the matrix, stabilizing and refining the pearlite structure(fused alumina), and eliminating secondary carbides.

The austenite precipitation temperature increases by about 10°C, the eutectic transformation temperature also decreases, resulting in the formation of D-type and E-type graphite(silicon carbide price). When the oxygen and sulfur content is low, the dissolution rate of nitrogen in molten iron is controlled by the diffusion rate of nitrogen atoms(white aluminium oxide powder). Some experiments have also suggested that oxygen can promote the formation of D-type and E-type graphite.

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