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How To Choose White Fused Alumina

Introduction of white fused alumina:

White fused alumina is made of aluminum oxide powder, which is melted in the arc at a temperature of more than 2000 degrees, crushed and shaped, iron removed by magnetic separation, and sieved into a variety of particle sizes. Its texture is dense, its hardness is high, and the particles form a sharp angle shape. White fused alumina is white, slightly higher hardness than brown fused alumina, slightly lower toughness, strong grinding ability, low calorific value, high efficiency, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature thermal stability.

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The price of white fused alumina abrasive is determined by its particle size and alumina content. The higher the alumina content is, the higher the price is. The finer the particle size is, the more expensive the price is because the smaller the particle size is, the more complex the process is. Generally, we choose white aluminum oxide with different prices according to different uses, because the content and granularity requirements of white fused alumina are different for different uses.

white corundum

Among artificial fused alumina, white fused alumina has gradually become one of the most popular fused aluminas. White fused alumina is divided into grades. The better the white aluminum oxide, the smaller its particles, which is resistant to wear and impact. Different grades of white corundum are also targeted in use. In the more demanding environmental conditions, the grade of white fused alumina should be selected slightly higher.

The density of white fused alumina:

Based on its own characteristics and advantages, white fused alumina has a wide range of applications. Among artificial fused alumina, white corundum has gradually become one of the most popular fused aluminas. The density of white aluminum oxide is divided into the bulk density of white fused alumina and the true density of white fused alumina.

white fused alumina

1. The bulk density of white fused alumina is 1.53-1.99g/cm3. The bulk density of the abrasive is related to the size, composition, variety, and shape of the white corundum abrasive. Generally speaking, the bulk density of coarse-grained abrasive is higher than that of fine-grained abrasive. The bulk density of the mixed-grain abrasive is greater than the single-grain density.

2. The density of white fused alumina particles is: 3.95-4.0g/cm3. The true density of the white corundum abrasive refers to the mass of the abrasive contained in the unit volume (excluding the volume of open pores).

Application of white fused alumina:

The abrasive tools made of white fused alumina are suitable for grinding high carbon steel, high speed steel and quenched steel. White aluminum oxide can also be used for grinding and polishing materials, precision casting sand, spraying materials, chemical catalyst, special ceramics, high-grade refractory materials, white corundum code "WA", the national standard is consistent, most of them are for export.

White fused alumina can be processed according to the granularity required by users. The general particle size is f4-f320, and its chemical composition varies with particle size. The outstanding feature is that the crystal size is small and impact resistant. If the autogenous mill is used for processing and crushing, the white fused alumina particles are mostly spherical, the surface is dry and clean, and it is easy to bond.

white aluminum oxide

White fused alumina is the main raw material for the production of medium and high-grade amorphous and shaped refractories. White fused alumina is used for large ladle castables, medium and high-grade iron channel castables, gunning materials, prefabricated parts and other amorphous refractories, as well as corundum bricks, corundum and mullite corundum boxes, corundum multi hole plug bricks for refining, integral spray gun and composite nozzle, high-temperature industrial furnace lining and other corundum products. White fused alumina widely used in steel, cement, ceramics, abrasive, petrochemical and other industries.

White fused alumina particle size detection method:

White fused alumina abrasive is a kind of artificial abrasive. It uses bauxite and graphite electrodes as the main materials and is produced using new ultra-fine powder technology. The production requires the addition of raw materials, stirring, forming, and high-temperature firing. Because white corundum has the characteristics of non-cracking, stable performance, and non-chalking, and white aluminum oxide particles are small and dense, it will not cause discoloration of the surface of different materials and is widely used. So how is the particle size of white fused alumina detected?

white corundum

1. Screening method. Advantages: simple, intuitive, low equipment cost, often used for white fused alumina samples larger than 40um. Disadvantages: The results are greatly affected by human factors and screen hole deformation.

2. Microscope (image) method. Advantages: simple, intuitive, morphological analysis can be carried out, suitable for white fused alumina samples with narrow distribution (the ratio of the maximum and minimum particle size is less than 10:1). Disadvantages: poor representativeness, it is troublesome to analyze samples with a wide distribution range, and it is impossible to analyze white corundum samples less than 1um.

white fused alumina

3. Settlement method (including gravity settlement and Li Xin settlement). Advantages: The operation is gradual, the instrument can run continuously, the price is low, the accuracy and repeatability are better, and the white fused alumina test range is wider. Disadvantages: The test time is longer and the operation is cumbersome.

4. Resistance method. Advantages: The number of white aluminum oxide particles can be measured by the operation gradient, the equivalent concept is clear, the speed is fast, and the accuracy is good. Disadvantages: It is not suitable for measuring particle samples smaller than 0.1um, and it is troublesome to replace small-hole tubes for white fused alumina samples with wide particle size distribution.

5. Laser method. Advantages: simple operation, fast test speed, wide test range, good repeatability and accuracy, and can be used for white fused alumina online measurement and dry measurement. Disadvantages: The result is greatly affected by the distribution model, the instrument is expensive, and the resolution is low.

white corundum

6. Electron microscopy. Advantages: suitable for testing ultra-new particles and even nanoparticles, high resolution, morphology and structure analysis can be performed, disadvantages: few white fused alumina samples, poor representativeness, measurement is easily affected by human factors, and the instrument is expensive.

7. Photoresistance method. Advantages: The test is convenient and fast, can measure the number of particles in liquid or gas, and has high resolution. Disadvantages: Not suitable for white fused alumina samples with a particle size of less than 1um. The system is more particular. It is only suitable for measuring dust, pollutants or diluted drugs, and not much for general white corundum powders.

8. Ventilation method. Advantages: low instrument price. There is no need to disperse the sample, and the white corundum powder can be measured. Disadvantages: Only the average particle size value can be obtained, the particle size distribution cannot be measured; the white fused alumina fine powder smaller than 5um cannot be measured.

white fused alumina

9. X-ray small-angle scattering method. Used for white fused alumina particle size measurement of nano-sized particles.

10. Photon correlation spectroscopy (dynamic light scattering method). Used for white fused alumina particle size measurement of nano-sized particles.

White fused alumina grain size for polishing:

White corundum abrasive can be polished, which is recognized by all. It has the characteristics of good grinding performance, high purity, good crystal quality, not easy to break, wide application planning, low price and so on. White fused alumina suitable for all kinds of common steel, general steel and smelting iron. It does not detonate, pulverize and crack when it is used. White aluminum oxide is suitable for many jobs.

white aluminum oxide

With the continuous development of polishing skills, the polished white fused alumina market has gradually developed. Now the average size of white corundum sand in the market is 6-240. However, with the improvement of users' requirements on polishing accuracy, the required size planning of white corundum polishing sand has also been expanded, and the types used by many manufacturers have begun to increase to 800.

However, generally speaking, the types below 20 are rarely used now. The types that are used more often are between 20 and 800, while 150 is a golden number. Many white fused alumina manufacturers and customers use it. As customers have higher and higher requirements for product quality, the market of white corundum polishing sand will be more and more broad.

Difference between white fused alumina powder and fine powder:

white corundum

1. White fused alumina fine powder refers to white aluminum oxide mixed sand. There are 325-0 mesh, 240-0 mesh, 220-0 mesh and 180-0 mesh commonly used, so it is called mixed sand. Taking 325-0 mesh as an example, this type of white corundum fine powder contains more than 325 mesh white fused alumina fine powder mixture, not a single 325 mesh white corundum fine powder.

2. White corundum powder is more simple, its model is a single particle size powder, the main white fused alumina particle size is W63, W20, w15, W10, W7, W5, etc., it also needs to carry out subsequent screening treatment, the white corundum sand screening out of each particle size, the process is difficult, its cost is naturally greatly increased.

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