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Low Density White Alumina Manufacturers Germany

According to the difference of calcination temperature, microstructure and properties of the fused alumina material, it can be divided into light burned corundum (generally lower than 1650 ℃), sintered corundum (1650-1925 ℃), and sintered plate corundum (generally higher than 1925 ℃). The glass bead blasting media suppliers material calcined with natural bauxite is called sintered bauxite corundum. 

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Light burned white fused alumina is generally called light burned alumina, also known as alumina pre burning, which is an important process in the production process of special refractories. The proper increase of calcination temperature is beneficial to the transformation of - Al2O3 → a-Al2O3, and the transformation is complete. After calcination at 1550 ℃, the green carborundum content of Nazo + K2O is 0.027%, a-Al2O3, 96.8% and the color is yellowish.

(low density white alumina manufacturers germany)Its purpose is to completely transform y-al2o3 in industrial white aluminum oxide into a-Al2O3, and the calcination temperature is generally not more than 1500 ℃, which is lower than that of sintered corundum, so it is called light burnt corundum. Some people have done experiments, if the calcination temperature is increased to 1600 ℃, the arc fused alumina hardness and ball milling behavior of particles are similar to that of fused corundum.

Alumina (a-Al2O3) material is made by calcining industrial white corundum or bauxite. But it is disadvantageous to further sintering, because the temperature is too high and the particles are too hard to be milled. When NH and CL are used as mineralizers alone, the grain size of the silicon carbide companies product is very small and a large number of them are in 1um. It is an ideal mineralizer for producing microcrystalline a-Al2O3, but the effect of dealkalization is slightly worse.

(low density white alumina manufacturers germany)When hbo3 is used as mineralizer alone, the grain size of the product is very large, a large number of which is about 6um, brown fused alumina price which is difficult to grind. Of course, if the temperature is too low, the conversion speed is slow, the conversion is not complete or it will take a long time to achieve the purpose of conversion. As mentioned before, garnet abrasive adding mineralizer can accelerate transformation and promote transformation.

It has been proved that the best calcination temperature is 1400 ~ 1450 ℃. Sometimes, silicon carbide price in order to make the raw materials have certain activity, the calcination temperature is controlled at 1300 ℃. Secondly, the dispersion of raw materials also has an impact on the transformation. If the garnet suppliers particles are fine, and the content of a-Al2O3 is 95%, the transformation speed can be faster in the same temperature and time.(low density white alumina manufacturers germany)

Adding 1% ~ 3% boric acid can not only promote transformation, but also further remove sodium. The black corundum conversion temperature of gibbsite is 1270 ~ 1337 ℃, when AIF is added, the conversion temperature drops to 1015 ~ 1065 ℃. The conversion temperature of boehmite is 1245 ~ 1310 ℃, and the glass beads supplier temperature drops to 1213 ~ 1285 ℃ when ALF is added. There are also NH, F and other mineralizers with good results.

(low density white alumina manufacturers germany)The primary product of pink corundum hydroxide produced by the mixed combination method contains about 0.30% Na2O + K2O, 0.9% hbo3 (1.5 times of the theoretical dosage) is added to mix evenly and then put into the crucible for exhaustion. After the addition of NHCl, 0.6%, and calcination at 1550 ℃, the content of Nao + K2O is 0.039%, which is white; if the black oxide aluminum particles are coarse, the transformation speed will be slower.

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