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Low Density White Alumina Manufacturers Japan

The quality of white fused alumina suppliers ingot fluctuates greatly after being selected. First of all, the unmelted material and sintering layer at the bottom and surrounding of the furnace shall be removed, and then the melting blocks with large crystallization, few pores and high density at the middle and lower parts of the furnace body shall be selected for processing and then used in the arc fused alumina production of refractories.

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The remaining loose and porous frits can be used in the production of abrasives and abrasives. Fused white corundum is a kind of fused corundum with low porosity and high density. Although the alumina content and some high temperature properties of fused brown corundum are lower than those of fused green carborundum, its production cost is low and it is widely used in refractory industry and mechanical industry.(low density white alumina manufacturers japan)

The reduction method is a thick layer operation method (about 300 mm). The brown fused alumina price melting block is light gray or gray white, with more pores. It is mainly used for ramming material, castable, slide plate brick for steelmaking, integral spray gun for argon blowing, integral plug rod for ladle, invasive long nozzle and white fused alumina manufacturer high-density corundum products. The production of dense fused corundum is carried out in a semi continuous pouring furnace.

(low density white alumina manufacturers japan)Taking industrial alumina as raw material and adding a small amount of metal silicon powder or metal black corundum powder as additive, the oxidation process is adopted. This process is beneficial to eliminate the residual gas and carbon in the solution, reduce the porosity of silicon carbide companies and increase the density. In dense corundum, even if it contains very little carbon, it will form aluminum carbide (a14c3), which is easy to hydrate.

Aluminum carbide hydrolyzes when it is in wet air or in contact with water. The hydrolysis formula is as follows: fused white fused alumina is a kind of special refractory material which is made of bauxite and melted in three-phase electric arc furnace. Because its appearance color is brown or brown red, it is called fused alumina. After a certain amount of molten metal is kept in the furnace, the material is started to feed.(low density white alumina manufacturers japan)

Production process: open the pink corundum furnace, put the furnace shell and trailer in place, adjust the electrode spacing, lay the furnace bottom material (without iron and carbon), put the arc starting carbon block (available waste electrode block, 50 mm) 50-70 kg, lay it into a star, and lay 15-20 kg of iron chips on it. The electrode is lowered, the voltage is adjusted after arcing, and the black oxide aluminum current is adjusted to 1000A after stabilizing.

(low density white alumina manufacturers japan)The first control: starting from 7h after electrofusion, it takes 5h. Its purpose is to further expand the lower white aluminum oxide melting zone, and at the same time, to use the latent heat in the furnace to accelerate the melting rate of the charge in the middle and later stages, and to expand the melting zone range. During the glass beads supplier control period, there is no feeding, mainly channeling, and submerged arc operation is adopted to make the material layer gradually thinner.

 The charge silicon carbide price is gradually increased by about 2T, and the material surface is smoothed. Auxiliary materials can be used to block the hole. When there is a large hole collapse, a small amount of fine powder shall be added first, and then the material shall be channeled. Attention shall be paid to prevent violent reaction. Before the control, the low density white alumina quality shall be identified by stick sticking method, and the charging shall be adjusted to prevent the phenomenon of shed materials.

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