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Low Density White Alumina Manufacturers Poland

The above theoretical hypothesis is now applied to the white fused alumina grinding process. When analyzing friction, not only the general physical characteristics of the friction factor must be considered, but also the friction factor is affected by the following factors: the nature of the green silicon carbide surface of the grinding wheel and the workpiece, the metallurgical and chemical properties of the contact surface, the contact temperature, the type of load, and the strain Speed and grinding fluid.

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Prand has analyzed the situation where the round punch was pressed into the metal body and plotted the slip line field. The white aluminum oxide particles positioned at one end of the system rotate around the fixed center of the other end of the system. That is, during this stage, the abrasive micro-blades do not cut, but only slide on the workpiece surface. The plastically deformed metal is pushed to the side and front of the black silicon carbide particles, eventually causing the surface to bulge.

(low density white alumina manufacturers poland)Subsequently, Tomlenov conducted further mathematical analysis. At the contact surface between the white corundum punch and the workpiece, there is no plastic flow in the black shaded portion due to the large friction (indicated by the friction angle a). This area is called the dead zone. The boundary of the dead zone represents a discontinuity in the tangential velocity. In fact, it can be considered that severe plastic deformation will occur on these aluminum oxide abrasive boundary lines.

A sphere, brown fused alumina price and each abrasive particle may have several cutting edges. Simple spring buffer system represents the elastic deformation of various objects during grinding. The actual cutting edge, which is determined by the amount of grinding of the machine tool, is different from the overall abrasive grain, and is represented by a sphere with a known small radius. It has been pointed out earlier that the general shape of the aluminum oxide grit cutting edge can be approximately regarded as the grinding depth.(low density white alumina manufacturers poland)

According to the above model, it can be seen that there are three stages in the black corundum grinding process. The first stage is the sliding stage, in which the cutting edge comes into contact with the workpiece surface, and the workpiece system only undergoes elastic deformation. As the cutting edge cuts across the surface of the workpiece and further deforms, the normal force rises steadily, and the synthetic corundum friction and tangential forces also increase steadily at the same time.

(low density white alumina manufacturers poland)The equivalent diameter of a grinding wheel is an abstract parameter. The second stage is the pink corundum ploughing stage. During the skid stage, friction gradually intensifies, and more and more energy is converted into heat. When the metal is heated to a critical point and the gradually increasing normal stress exceeds the yield stress of the garnet abrasive material which decreases with increasing temperature, the cutting edge is pressed into the plastic matrix.

This is the ploughing action during grinding, silicon carbide abrasive which constitutes the second stage of the grinding process. The equivalent grinding layer thickness only reflects the influence of the motion parameters v and ap, and does not include parameters related to the cutting performance of the grinding wheel, such as grinding wheel blockage during grinding, grinding wheel passivation, change in the top area of the abrasive cutting edge, etc. These will have a great impact on the emery abrasive grinding process.(low density white alumina manufacturers poland)

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