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Low Density White Alumina Manufacturers Thailand

Hydrophilicity is a basic property of arc fused alumina. The size of hydrophilicity is an important factor for the bonding strength of abrasive and binder. For the abrasives used for coating abrasives, hydrophilicity is an important process parameter. In the process of powder production, the 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight size of hydrophilicity can affect its classification and precipitation.

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According to the national standard, js1-4 type hydrophilic tester is used to determine the hydrophilicity of ordinary brown fused alumina price. Calcination can clean the abrasive surface, so it can improve the hydrophilicity of green carborundum. The lower end of the glass tube is immersed in water. For example, the residual ferrosilicon, ferroalloy or inclusions in the smelting of brown steel jade and the worn iron of equipment.

(low density white alumina manufacturers thailand)The principle of capillarity is used to determine the hydrophilicity of black corundum. The glass tube with inner diameter of (5 ± 0.5) mm × length of 360mm was filled with tightly packed abrasive particles. When the lower end of the glass tube meets with water, it can diffuse by capillary action, and the water will rise to a certain height in the tube within a specified time, so as to indicate the hydrophilicity of the fused alumina.

The hydrophilicity of abrasive is affected by the shape of white fused alumina particles, the cleanliness of abrasive surface and the degree of pore exposure. The hydrophilicity of abrasives directly affects the combination of abrasives and binders. For example, in the production of coated abrasives, it directly affects the amount of glue solution, the bond strength and service performance of silicon carbide companies particles and matrix.

(low density white alumina manufacturers thailand)The magnetic content of pink corundum refers to the general designation of materials measured in the tested samples according to the methods specified in the national standard by the specified magnetic tester. The magnetic materials in abrasives are not only left by refining, but also introduced due to the wear of granulating equipment.

Therefore, magnetic separation and strict control are necessary. Magnetic separation is to separate the magnetic and non-magnetic materials in the white aluminum oxide by magnetic force. Although the black oxide aluminum have been magnetic separation, it is still hard to avoid mixing with magnetic substances, so it is necessary to measure them. Now it is an indirect measurement method, called electromagnetic method, that is, non electric measurement method.

(low density white alumina manufacturers thailand)The magnetic materials in the silicon carbide price will affect the grinding performance of the abrasive, and make the ceramic abrasive produce iron spots, especially the appearance of the white corundum abrasive. Inductance I of the original design coil. It's fixed value. Then the differential equation of the above formula is DL / 1m = Du. The higher the rising height, the better the hydrophilicity of the glass beads supplier

This method takes a definite physical quantity - the inductance of the coil as the measurement object, and the white corundum measuring instrument is a magnetic material measuring instrument. The measuring principle is: the inductance of the original design coil after energizing is L. After inserting ferromagnetic material into the coil, the inductance becomes L. The 240 grit aluminum oxide relationship between the two is L = n · is, where is the dielectric conductivity of the inductance coil.(low density white alumina manufacturers thailand)

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