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Low Density White Alumina Suppliers Malaysia

Electroplated metal bond superhard material abrasive tools use the white fused alumina principle of electroplating to bond the bond metal on the metal substrate and hold diamond or CBN abrasive in the plating layer. Now copper alloys with binary alloy elements composed of steel, aluminum, corrugated, silicon, manganese, titanium, magnesium, aluminum oxide abrasive and other elements are called bronze.

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The single-layer high-temperature brazing superhard material abrasive tool is a high-temperature brazing method using laser, flame, or induction heating to combine the white aluminum oxide particles and the binder metal through a chemical metallurgical reaction. The abrasive exposure can reach 70% to 80%. The bonding strength and sharpness of the abrasive with the bonding agent are higher than those of electroplated metal green silicon carbide tools.(low density white alumina suppliers malaysia)

Metal bonding agent (M) is divided into copper-based alloy bonding agent (bronze bonding agent is most commonly used), white corundum nickel-nickel alloy bonding agent, cast iron fiber bonding agent and cemented carbide bonding agent according to the composition of metal or alloy. Copper-based bonding agents are mainly bronze bonding agents, black silicon carbide which are used in diamond and CBN abrasive tools. Bronze mainly refers to tin bronze.

(low density white alumina suppliers malaysia)Tin tin bronze is the main binder material for brown fused alumina price manufacturing diamond and CBN abrasive tools. Super-hard abrasive tools made with tin bronze as a binder have high strength, hardness, enhance the bonding ability with the binder, and high brittleness. Tin bronze has a small shrinkage rate and is easy to produce aluminum oxide grit dispersive shrinkage f-holes. It can meet the complex shape and require a certain porosity. 

The black corundum grinding tool of tin bronze has good thermal conductivity, which is beneficial to reduce the grinding temperature and prevent the surface of the workpiece from being burned during grinding. In the cast iron-based formula, prevent the affinity of Fe to diamond, Fe and WC are used as the synthetic corundum skeleton phase, and the solid phase is adjusted during sintering. Fe / WC ratio to meet the wear resistance of different processing requirements.

(low density white alumina suppliers malaysia)The main material of the tin-tin bronze binder is copper, tin, zinc, silver and other pink corundum metal powders, accounting for more than 95%, and sometimes a small amount of non-metallic materials such as graphite is added, and the amount does not exceed 5%. According to the grinding object and emery abrasive processing quality requirements, bronze binders can be divided into multiple types, often divided into binary alloy systems and ternary alloys.

The silicon carbide abrasive grinding ratio of cast iron fiber bonded superhard abrasive tools is relatively large, which can be suitable for high-speed grinding. Iron-based binder formulations are 30% to 50% Fe, 5% to 8% Sn, 20% to 30% Ca, 8% to 15% Ni, 0 to 5% Co, and 10% to 25% WC. Titanium alloy film is coated on diamond abrasive to prevent direct contact between Fe and diamond, and garnet abrasive make the abrasive difficult to fall off.(low density white alumina suppliers malaysia)

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