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Low Density White Alumina Suppliers Taiwan

Because generally, the quantity of white fused alumina purchased each time is relatively large, which can only be placed outdoors, but will this affect the quality and performance of the product? It is mainly aimed at summer, but even if the weather is dry in summer, it will also have a certain impact to directly place the white fused alumina manufacturer in the open air. In addition, there are more dust and dust in summer. 

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Because there is capillary space in the production of white aluminum oxide, which has certain hydrophilicity, it is also easy to get wet in the summer when the weather is changeable. It can be seen that in order to ensure all aspects of performance of brown corundum abrasive, do not store them in the open air. To ensure the smooth breathing of brown corundum, it is necessary to avoid its contact with sundries. white fused alumina suppliers should be unloaded carefully. 

(low density white alumina suppliers taiwan)The color of abrasives should be blue black. white corundum can be used as abrasives, and the effect is relatively ideal, but users have encountered problems in the storage of brown corundum abrasives. In addition, the better the toughness; regular cleaning is also necessary to avoid damage to brown fused aluminium oxide. If sulfide formed by oxidation of sulfur and other metal compounds in smelting continues to exist in smelting process. 

The factors that affect the toughness of brown fused alumina price are also studied. The following points are summarized: if there are too many silicon dioxide, the excessive silicon dioxide can not be retained in the glass phase, but react with a part of alumina to form mullite, which will reduce the toughness of white fused alumina price. The higher the aluminum content, this is also a very important reason that the raw material of Brown Alumina must be bauxite.(low density white alumina suppliers taiwan)

black corundum is first calcined in a rotary furnace, and then it flows into a vertical furnace for supplementary calcination, so as to effectively prevent the color of abrasive from blooming. Sulfur in brown corundum often leads to foaming and loose structure of products produced or used in high temperature oxidation atmosphere. Therefore, when unloading the brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers, we must be careful to reduce the loss of the customer.

(low density white alumina suppliers taiwan)If the content of sulfur in pink corundum is less than 0.05%, there is no obstruction. In fact, the main reason is that when we load the goods, there will be bags that are hung and broken, because brown corundum is an abrasive. If the bag is broken, the abrasive will flow out with it. Then the bag of 100 grit aluminum oxide white will not be heavy enough. If the user, generally, one bag of two bags of broken holes will not be too tangled.

But if it's a dealer, it's more troublesome if the bag is broken. If there's no leakage of low density white alumina, just replace the bag. If there's leakage of brown corundum, basically put the bag aside. The reason why we have to unload the brown fused alumina oxide carefully is that we have seen it in the customer's place. Some of the unloading is directly higher than the height of the goods, and some of the bags will be directly cracked in the head.(low density white alumina suppliers taiwan)

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