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Low Density White Alumina Wholesale USA

The colorant should have good tinting power and hiding power; it does not affect the physical and white fused aluminium oxide mechanical properties and aging resistance of the product, and it is not easy to fade or discolor; it is easy to disperse, so that the color of the rubber is uniform and consistent; white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit Commonly used colorants are: iron red, chrome green, iron black, carbon black, titanium dioxide and so on.

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Reinforcement white aluminum oxide abrasive materials are mainly used in high-speed resin abrasive tools. Glass fiber mesh cloth commonly used in China is also useful for short glass fiber or nylon filament. Selection of mesh size: For high-speed abrasive discs and high-speed cutting wheels, the mesh cloth between the wheels is selected from 4 to 6, flat wheels can be selected from 3 to 5, and mesh cloths attached to the white fused alumina oxide mfg surface of the wheels can be selected from 6 ~ 8.

(low density white alumina wholesale usa)Knitting method selection: flat weave (Lino weave) and unidirectional weave (molino weave) as shown in the wholesale brown fused alumina picture. Foreign patents introduce a new weave, as shown in the figure, it is triangular Intertwined with a mixture of hexagons, the abrasive produced by this method has higher strength. Generally, it is a material added to the binder as a component to change the corundum white properties of the binder or reduce the cost.

The formula of the brown fused alumina oxide tool includes the proportion of various raw materials in the abrasive tool, as well as the specific parameters such as the hardness, molding density, and organization number of the abrasive tool. It is formulated according to the requirements of use of abrasive tools and process performance, through experiments, brown fused alumina factory production practices and grinding appraisal. First meet the performance requirements of the product.

(low density white alumina wholesale usa)The density of silicon carbide abrasive is smaller than that of corundum abrasive. The performance of the product is related to the processing quality, service life and safety of the product. The expression is based on the weight of the abrasive being 100 parts, and other materials are included as a percentage of the abrasive. Under the same weight, the volume and surface area of silicon carbide are larger than that of aluminium oxide grit suppliers

Under the condition of ensuring that the white fused alumina product performance is satisfied, try to save raw materials and reduce the cost of abrasive tools. Or, try to improve the product quality as much as possible without affecting the product quality, so that the formula has good mixing process performance and brown fused alumina 60 grit molding process performance, and is conducive to shortening the hardening time and improving equipment productivity.(low density white alumina wholesale usa)

The total weight of each raw material (white aluminum oxide, bonding agent) constituting the abrasive molding material is 100 parts, and the expression is listed according to the percentage of the total weight of each material. When the hardness of the abrasive, the particle size of the abrasive, and the molding density (or pressure) are the same, as the type (material) of the brown fused alumina suppliers is different, the combined dosage used is also different.

(low density white alumina wholesale usa)To obtain the same hardness, more binders must be used to bond. Even if the volume is the same, because white corundum particles are flaky or needle-shaped, the surface area is large, and the corundum abrasive particles are rhomboid-shaped, and the surface area is small. Therefore, without increasing the cost, brown aluminum oxide 250 grit requires more binding amount to ensure the same hardness, auxiliary material.

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