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Low Price 100 Grit Aluminum Oxide Canada

After slowly adding PVA under agitation and putting it into operation, immediately use clear water to wash the bucket barrier and PVA on the agitator(white corundum); keep the temperature for 1, 5-2.5 hours until it is completely dissolved. Starch - sodium alginate - bentonite slurry: mix sodium alginate solution, starch, ethylnaphthol, etc. with wet bentonite, mix them evenly(brown aluminum oxide factory), and allow them to react fully after standing.

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And then gradually heating, generally controlled at 75~80 degrees Celsius for about 1.5 hours or so(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media): if the above degree is still a bubble, can turn off steam, stop stirring, until the bubble disappeared, then gradually warming up stirring, repeat two or three times, the bubble can disappear(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). Antifoaming agents, such as antistatic agent MPN, octanol and turpentine, can also be added with the dosage of 0.1-2% polyvinyl alcohol.

After the polyvinyl alcohol is completely dissolved, use steam to gradually heat to 95 ℃ or boil and stir at the same time(carborundum abrasives); trisodium phosphate and pigment, add a certain amount of water, continue mixing at high-speed for 1 hour until it is completely dissolved, add water to reach the specified volume. The alkali solution for adjusting pH value should be diluted in advance and added slowly(black silicon carbide manufacturers). The effect is good and simple.

If auxiliary agent needs to be added, it can be added at this time(carborundum grit). A small amount of insoluble substances, such as the pot bar produced by local overheating, should be removed by filtration. If there are tiny, flocculent, opaque and opaque insoluble substances, it may be caused by uneven hydrolysis(120 grit aluminum oxide). Caustic soda can be slightly added into the solution, which is transparent. If gelatin occurs, it can be heated properly or disappear.

Add starch into the container, stir evenly, sift to remove the quality, start the mixer, add preservatives and fillers, slowly add sodium alginate(silicon carbide abrasive grit), make it evenly spread, prevent caking, open the steam, heat it to about 80 ℃, keep it warm for about an hour, measure the pH value and adjust the viscosity. Polyvinyl alcohol slurry(100 grit aluminum oxide): high degree of polymerization complete hydrolysis level. Add 1 / 2 ~ 3 / 5 room temperature water in the container.

First, add cold water, starch and filler into the container, stir for 15-30 minutes, and pass 100 sieves(white fused alumina); slowly add the prepared yiyingphenol and colorant, and stir with the mixer at a constant speed to make the slurry uniform. Slowly add CMC under high-speed mixing, wash CMC adhered to barrel wall and agitator with water(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers), turn on steam heating, keep at 70 ℃, and then mix at constant speed for standby.

According to (9), when CMC is added, the prepared polyvinyl alcohol slurry can be used instead of CMC(white aluminum oxide). The mixture of sodium alginate and polyvinyl alcohol can be prepared with sodium alginate and PVA respectively, then mixed and heated, stirred at 80 ℃, corrected pH value of 9, and measured viscosity(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). CMC and PVA mixed pulp: CMC and PVA can be mixed and dissolved for 1-2 hours under high-speed stirring and heating.

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