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Low Price 20 Mesh Aluminium Oxide Grit Taiwan

The drying after sizing is generally no longer tentered, so the warp extension of the treated cotton will be greatly reduced, but the weft extension will be increased(carborundum grit). This is obviously not feasible for the use of diagonal multi-joint belts. Black also uses special In addition to the tissue cotton cloth, it must also be stretched to dry to meet its special requirements(black silicon carbide manufacturers). Sizing is sometimes carried out several times, or it can be carried out simultaneously with dyeing.

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The quality of the grey cloth woven by the textile factory is good or bad, and the length is also different(brown aluminium oxide). Find broken warps, yarn jumps, neps, oil yarns, box roads, debris weaving, etc., and repair them in a timely manner. Unable to repair defects such as holes, large yarns, large areas of oil stains, stains, water marks and curling Pick out in time(120 grit aluminum oxide). In order to obtain a certain color, the amount of dye is expressed as a percentage of the weight of the dye and the fabric.

Paint dyeing has the advantages of continuous production, high efficiency, low labor intensity, etc(silicon carbide abrasive grit). There are many types of dyes, which can be divided into natural dyes and synthetic dyes from the source. From the method of use, it can be divided into direct dyes, sulfur dyes, vat dyes, reactive dyes, soluble vat dyes and so on(100 grit aluminum oxide). Direct dyes are dyes that do not need to be mordant dyed, but can be fully dyed to fibers as long as they are in an alkaline or neutral dye bath.

After singeing the cotton cloth, it should be desizing and boiling, and then dyed(brown aluminum oxide factory). Cylinder drying is to make the dyed cloth pass through several heating rollers to achieve the purpose of drying. It has the longest history. Because it contains an azo group structure and has soluble groups such as sulfonic acid group and carboxyl group, it is easily soluble in water, convenient for dyeing(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers), cheap in price, complete in chromatography, but has poor fastness.

The direct dyeing method is very simple(brown fused alumina). Before dyeing, the fabric is moistened with warm water at 40 ~ 60 ℃, and then it is dyed in the dyeing solution, gradually heated to 70 ~ 95 ℃, maintained for 30 ~ 60 minutes, washed with water after dyeing, and then post-treated to fix the color After 30 minutes of drying, the fixing agent can be an acid solution of 1 ~ 2% steel sulfate or dichromate, and a cationic fixing agent(brown aluminum oxide 80 grit). Its function is to improve color fastness.

Tenter drying is performed on a tenter machine(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). A small amount of auxiliary agents such as soda ash or trisodium phosphate can also be added to help dissolve and soften the water quality; wetting agents such as Taikoo oil or pull-out powder; leveling agents such as leveling agents and table salts(silicon carbide 180 grit). Therefore, the first step is to check the weight of the fabric, the density of the warp and weft yarns, the tensile strength and the elongation, etc.

There are several types of tenter frames, such as cloth man tenter frames and needle iron tenter frames, and the cloth iron tenter frames are the most widely used(brown aluminum oxide). The fabric is first paddled and wetted, then dried to a semi-dry state in a drying cylinder and enters the hot air room, and the heat energy is transmitted by forced air convection, so that the processed fabric is gradually dried in the process of gradually stretching(best alumium oxide for glass blasting). Check the surface quality.

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