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The grade of "sedimentary sand" in Jinjiang area is higher and has not been developed and utilized(alumina company). After mining in a mine, it can be naturally supplemented by the action of sea tide. The chemical stability is not good at high temperature, and it is easy to produce fusible forsterite with FeO, which leads to sand sticking on the surface of castings(240 grit aluminum oxide). Dust produced by crushing is easy to cause silicosis among workers.

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Dongshan has a higher grade of sedimentary sand, and the main producing areas are Wulong and Shanzhi(aluminium oxide manufacturers). It has some characteristics that can adapt to casting conditions, such as high enough fire resistance, and can withstand the effect of pouring temperature of most casting alloys(220 grit aluminum oxide). Among the silica sands, the natural granular sedimentary sand is the largest, and the artificial silica sand made from broken quartzite is small.(low price abrasive blast media factory south africa)

The content of SiO2 in Dongshan sea sand is 95% ~ 97%(black corundum price). The content of SiO2 is generally between 92% and 97%. The silica sand produced in Pingtan, Fujian Province is mainly sea sand and aeolian sand, with SiO2 content of about 95% and good particle shape. There is also a large amount of silica sand available for Exploitation along the coast of Changle(white fused aluminium oxide), Fujian Province, but its grade is slightly lower than that of Jinjiang, Dongshan and Pingtan.

(low price abrasive blast media factory south africa)The reserves of staggered sand in the world are not large, mainly produced in Australia and South Africa(white fused alumina powder), and the high price restricts its application in casting production, only widely used in investment casting. At present, the world foundry industry consumes no less than 60 million tons of raw sand every year, of which, the proportion of silica sand is about 97%(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media). Dongshan Island is the main producing area of high quality silica sand.

 At present, the main production and supply of sea sand is about 200000 tons per year(pink fused aluminum oxide). The particles are hard and can withstand the spring and pressure during molding and the impact and friction during the regeneration of old sand. It has enough strength to keep its shape near its melting point. "Sea sand" is the sand from the coastal tidal zone, with many impurities(60 grit aluminum oxide). However, the sand is basically round, so it is convenient to mine sea sand.(low price abrasive blast media factory south africa)

The main disadvantages of silica sand are(240 grit aluminum oxide powder): poor thermal stability, phase transformation at about 570 ℃ and large volume expansion, which are the source of various "expansion defects" in castings, and also the main factors affecting the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of castings(silicon carbide grit). The grade of sea sand in the middle of Jinjiang River is high, and the content of SiO2 is 94% ~ 97%, which is suitable for steel casting.

(low price abrasive blast media factory south africa)With the increasing requirements for casting quality and the increasingly strict regulations on environmental protection and cleaner production(aluminium oxide powder price), it has become a common understanding that "silicon sand is not the ideal raw sand". It is one of the important research topics in the current foundry industry to find a substitute material for silica sand(brown corundum abrasive), which has been attached great importance by various industrial countries, with SiO2 content of 90% - 95%.

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